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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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theory and labor law, problems of indistrial planning, and cpmaunity economic
It is planned to offer a second year of study including, in addition to the
above subjects, languages so that some students who are especially gifted
go on to fLull ujversirty study. Rathlov, who is education director for the
British Zone and who has been thus responsible for the Bremen unions would
be willing to go to Bremen on invitation of either Manpower Division or the
Bremen unions, or both, to discu~s education programs there..
Haasse . Fraakf url  ..................
1. Youth ,ork: Masseling, Scceugenpf lug
Youth work is organized by industrial unions and in a general traLe uni~
youth group. The unions are participating in the Frankfurt central youth
oammittee which appears howsver to be less active than it most cities.
Oihoolt Frankfurt runs a youth leaders school at Obarreifenberg in the Taunul
which can handle about 60 peoplc; at one tiio.. The program for the work
1 June 1947 handled by guest teachers from the unions includadz History of
the trade unions; Tasks of the youth representative on, the works council;
Tasks of tha trade union in the3 govermnment and in industry; Laws, for tha
.teotion of youth; Turvnile doli n uoncy; fHlw to run a meeting and how to
participate in a discussion; Basie philosophy in our present society.
Public, viorkcrs Union Yquth group (Loenig)
h *ionthals program for this youth group, which meets at the Trade Union
House, includes: 1. Doscu~qsion about the purpose and goals of tradl unions;
2. Mlsical v-oning; 3. Spoak-r on q8apitalism and -ocialisqm; 4. Spaak~er
structuro and function of a cit government. The group participates. in the
4lradre Union Youth Ooinaittoe and runs its own vocational classo.s in st-nograp
bookkeeping, and typowritingO                    .
2. rrade Union Education: R1ailroad Ul ion nas been conducting systozaatic
training courses for Works councillors. This union is responsible for th
vocational school run by the railroads and, in addition, runs courses w4hich
are preparatory to acceptance at the +:cational school.
Building Trades have run a series Qf waeokead courses in Hoasso for 700
union officers and plan to handle about 200 gore;.
Free Professions ar6 sponsoring tests for musicians. Judges of thei tes
are raprisentatives of the city oyera and orQhestra. T-ey are cnmedvoring
sponsor classes for artists, con"mmrcial illwtrators, an' the liku,
but are
not ablE to'do ieuch becausa of the shortage in canvas, bruehcs, paints,
aorks Councillor -'rain.ln i 21-Ery Tuesday aftornoon a .cating of 'works
councillors is helli uant-r thc; direction Df the L.egal a'lvisory Bureau
J'ttondanu.a is irregular and ropresents only a saoell porcontaege of th~
cc>ncillors. TIhe presentation is highly t,- hnical and spccializcd.
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