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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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!ducation Director: Saalfeld, Ernst Rathlov. The forlaer educational diractor
for the 1ia,1burg unions is now educational director for all unions in the
Zone. He iuad several maonths in England observing workers' and adult education
thiere and says that h.- learned a great deal fro-i the experi;,nce.
1. Yo)uth .ork: The individual unions have their own youth groups whichl
then drawn togethier for general tradQ union youth celebrations, festivals,
,e-Uetings, etc. Zouth vwork is planned and announced on a monthly basis
in szaal.
leaflets distributed through the plants. itypical :aonth program for youth
in the printing trades runs as follyws: 1. Trade union problerns discussion.
2. Lecture entitled ",iho was Edison ?,3. , hat trades are comibined
in the unie
4. Sonnonwendfoier, 5. ioamen in our-Industry. In this anioe raonth courses
started in photography and coeimercial illustration. Besides this, this union
also planned trips and hikes.
Lb general youth group for those not included in separate union groups ha
the following progrra-ni in January: 1. lAn illustrated lecture entitled
"..' Year
has passed". 2. Table Tennis and Daacing, 3. -'n evening of serious
and huzioroi
readings. 4. .'A discussion of boy and girl relationship in the trade union.
5. "Dances of Yesterday and Today", discussion and dances for everybody.
6. Discussion evening to criticize the January prograla'and to ia-)co suggostion
for February. 7. -. youth i.icetinig Tasks of the Trade Union"' with
head of the iIzTourg, unions, ^s speaker. T1he youth work has been headed
up in
an organization of the "Free Trade Union Youth Co..-anittee  which Holds
courses, short institutes, and o.eursos in th  trades union school for youth,
well as running regular Sunday night ~aectings and rocr.ation evening-s at
trade union youth home. The attenudanco at thleso .ietings has risen to 2000
In the wasic stnte.nent of purpose accu;tod by the unions as a guide to
their youth ;;ork, sp.cial attention is drawn to the fact that youth today
not intercsted in political organization as such, and that consequently trade
union youth work is of special iLportance because the unions do hava the
task of bringing youth to th;. realization that ecDnolmlic *an, social conditions
are the key to the solution of th_ problems of working people and that the
unions hav3 the3 responsibility of forieulatinc-, thece de.-mands to theD
parties and of .3iving youth a gcnerzA education in citizenship.
Trade union youth, is representd in th. ?,,.-n-r.l He-,mburg youth' organ-
izations and through th.-t co.o-,eittoa, participates in EH:a'murg official
co:,olittees, particularly in the city welfare cozMmittee. hIly also have
thO us~
of the city youth cnters, youth h-o.e, etc.
2. Vocational EdaclAtji.n: Ths unions eara represented on the .idvisory
Comnittee and trad& cD.ommittees organized around the trade schools (a
for each trade is camposed of  representatives of the; employers' asseci
th.3 tr'da union, and the school diroctors). The unions selct their own
_2'2 _

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