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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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The Office goorkers Union has its owvi youth group under the direction of
..allenzakier, Whlch has Q; or- syste;a-tice-ducat  proar    thati- theethers.
35etings ieach :week take xup'tade union educational questions and vi6sitfh4n
 ^ -
speakers are biought itto the Laeetings.-
In. the small; :towa of Gaildorf, trade unior youth has Set up thair own
dramset.S group   iL ich gave a nuiber of perf rmdaoes durinag the -winter
dor! aud ?ac~m-ang amdWilurrhardt, and £aide a trip to Stattgart for
a speeial
perfoxr>aaace, This group has also had a number of discussions on Socialism,
caipitalism, militarism, Christianity, etc. Special speakers have appeared
Zlaxaed. oznamy ss.: free Entarpris; Chri-tiaaity and.Sicialism, etc.
2.;       's ork: * c-nference was hld. in' which 73 women partieipated,
Ull~i Endr5ess, *seoretary to tha ?resi aent has charge of woaen'   i work.
DohirIg is tho .most. active -voman in the unions. -great many women are
..s volunteers in the ..rbeiterwohlfahrt, (Stuttgart, director Jahann uiiyer.),
which runs courses for trainin- its 1aelpers in kindergartens, health centers,
children's ceamp s etc. .It is pianne'd to set up a real training aanter'ifor.:
volunt'ors under direction of the Land office.
3.'Trnid- niori  dtacatibn: Th1 Railroad Union .pIrtiiipates i' the railroad
vocational school but chiefly in promaoting the school and its vocational
.; Land Trade Onion School is planned. -. buildiag is available in Feuerbachobut
nothing hes been dDna to put it in shap3. It is hoped to have it ready:foK:'fall.
Students -aere recruited for the t kade!ie in frankfurt.
4. CultUral .ork: The. unions have organized a Lhlturring (Secretary, .'id-
.nan) Qhiich'has five sectioas, not --il :0± whioh arj functioning
yet: 1.  theatre
-ri'ng, tihich oI'fers t.icket6 *;r sjecial performazces of opera and theatre.-at
cheaper prices fer' the 'trade ution members; 2.                        
   oneonrt ring which work& on
the sa ieprinciple, 3'.- filen ring whieh'gives p.>rformaneos of available
.eoxrioaa pictures at t1ea  prices  - ia tovns whre no other, movie facilities8are
available. They hZave three -aovla pbojactors which they .got through the
that .-ankes them, and take their .ovies to'odtlying cetters. A plaa ls.
worked out an-ov for very cheap Saturday afternoon movies for apprentices
other youth. 4. . 1cctur. vhich is to be part of'this projqct has beea. started
with} a&gift of 500 vol=us by thie S&iss unions. 5. .' travel and
vacation'ri ng
plan6, 'as~so~n a.s trarv,3 is -asier 'to provide 45urb ard trips at. cheaper
for trad: 'uhi'::n members and gjups. Last year a total of 120,000 individual
tickets were pxurchased for :iulturrtlrg 3oVaftts 2This section ff the .union
itself f;inn;:cibilly;                               \'.
- 5. Velk~hoehschalaX -Th_ director, avalter, .is willing and anxiou, to
more closely v-ith the uni~ons.''  course which was', offered 'in the f-all
had th e fax
registration  to carry it Uthrough. no -viould welcome axg-estions :from
the .unions
i-and closer coooeration.' The Office aorkc-rs 'Unijn under Ehrheardt' mmnts
to get
w;ork at once 'on a .plan for fal  '- : .               .      * .
l- 19 -

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