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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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wipork. She.4o-es ,,,ever icep  Jloscjy* in touch '-itathe people and is-
thorn learrn r~how t'o collect faets: -hich can bb used ina arging their
The union -i arsking if. bahalf  f these, paoplj that tha. ha4ve elected
coiuncil rind that cnruunity  t ibchena bind 1aiundries beiorganized as a
meaas of
iiprjvin~ caeditio ie .Pr thIe .v~2-n thre, ;and also. as a  gsens of bringing
ithe peo-pl tJ6cthbr.onc operat3,ve .p    ts j f6r the comon good. In'jne'of
thes.¢ rati~t~t a' rniaall lX'Arary ;aas AValvbl.-.  ; -
8. CuIttural ijrk:  ttempts to nave" :musical groups, amateur dramatics,
Zovies^, etc.,, have all failed becaus-z no aatarials were available. There
for:instarceo noa on, 1~r s.ngbok -ava:ilkble with noteis- -i int.- So- far
have not b'eea able' Zta ,et -iDld of the i ordf r ,a speaking ohoir or a
-Iiovitj pr'j es t xs are not to. be had..
R,, tanslsrt (and surrounding tonw: .as ber e, l4assau, ig3,idan. Burglengenfeld,
'',.. wnrkt, x-lattling, D3  -r2.dorf, Ceis1hoheri.nnKibensberg).-
Vocatipnnl traint,, tor vrltirnsas who have nct fi~nished their, apn -enft.ce-
shipD. rnd. f r fu rt  r traiain.,- -or retrainini-o o 3th.er3. vur u  adults,
Courses are -;ivon for ;achine tool makors, mechanics, eledtricians, carpenters
bricklayers and lathe operators. s ihole Vzlkshzchschule for office work
languages has been ostalishedin aRogeiisburg :ilth branchessinn      <-f
the othe and towns, in which they teach :nglish, French, Spanish, and Russian
beginning arid advanced courses, bookkeeping 'for. be,%ginaers and advanced,
dustry economics aad correspondoiice, business arithnetic, business Engli'h,
accounting, .general office 4ork, astlnography. For all these Courses they
a :certificate*- $ees area chirgud fot the caurses at the ratu of 5G -75
lesson, toaohQrs are paid in rcular. fee zff &-6 per hour. Their-±'inbnciar
statetadnt shows that they took in in .1946 a total' of over RIZ 106,000
and had
a prfti-t of over RX. 28,000. This rP.port cYvers R;ageasburi' and its various,
.brancahes as listed, above..
:-  , The teeachers and :,irectors insistted that illustratiVe miaterial
in 'the language -curses included'trade union. reading miatter artd that
union problems. iiere frely discussed. The cour-ses have apparently served
the PI
pose of bringing a good many eople to the trade unions- who had had' no interes4
before or who were actually hoztile.
1. Youth ;-Lork: 3,ecratary Bexrnhazd..          -   ' . . ...
lhe nhief adcti;Z.lyr c:Znsists in. g'neral trado' union youth meetings,
cele 1rations, trips,' etc'. TDjo' tcao.,A peariods war&. held in December
22 students each. The subjects dihcustei ;7cere history and function of the
uniont. labor and social legislation and oconoiciC quertions. Trade union
participates, in' a cit'y-'swtide YoUt1I Piarlian.urut in- .ihich' the rnE.ZLI'S.
.handle their
own.affairs and conduct .thlir .edatlonnl':ork-Oh tleir odn, initiative.
,, .. ,' : ... i.{' D. - . . . .. . . . f ..  .  .*      .  ;
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