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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

Labor education,   pp. 5-15 PDF (6.4 MB)

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

Page 15

unions. though Only one   ilon, tha railroad. .-iorkers, so far has. its
on school
buildiaii. Wist of the courses are   igeanized by the labor, federtion for
union officers. The Bavarialn unions ghavr. baqn able to -st'.1p a residencq
school at Berhzck for trainingf works c:unci6ors. Youth leadorship schools
have been discussod in a previous   stction. The Hesse unions will. shortly
ape.n a school for all ranks of- locoal union officers9.
Naarly.all. local feddratians havvosoap' kind of worEkcouncillor training
of discussion glo UP  ; ost of th ase are I;akcn - up withE the dutieso.f
councillor in thu shotp, the laws he has to adrdinistot, :the grievances
he has
to handle, etc. Except at the residence schaools whor8 there is fiMe for
thorough ditcUssions, there is little oppoi4tutlity for cornsideration of
funrda-atal prooulezs of thc aworks Council Law:, arid of the councillors
latien to the unions.
3. :,IDcA:7?:c)N. c? .,3iA1,ThS' 13 _0CTION TOD .Y
- 1. Y~uth .(3k :~. pro)gr~  for "  ar ia was draw;n up by thq Land
Caoimittee.of the unions .1hic1 includes points on gdneral'schiol  ffletn-
elusion of trade uniOal .aterials in p ub'Flic schaool curricula; reform
of the
apprenticeahip syrsten, including suporvsisb  of con4itions by the rlnions;
coope;ration -iith the Vo]kshochschulen aS a -lans of -.aking up for the
educationai 8tAndards of th1 last few years; spOcialattcntion to work and
appreatice probien:s of girls; end i.;pt'veiaont 'of rscreational facilities
ror youth.                       -             .
lfarc      (Leonard Bur-gr). Trad, uni jn youth inNurermberg in Decembor
drew up a prograLl ftr guiqlag their actirities. Jugendkaete'.aav  I- be'
organize2 in plants where a substantial number of young people are employed,
and7 youth repres naativessit on the w-orks council (Botriabirat). Diseugsion.
-and lectures for.< held in the. plnts...During the[summor.bof194e,
.sovura1: catps. ware  rgarlnized by the unions and paid for byV maivagement.
In th"
summer of 1947,. the. plan. is to accomodate 3.00  children in camps., the
to boar part of the cost. The youth <groups are worl~ing closely ,ith
district youth committee representing youth. organizations of all kinds,
c~operatinsg with the  rr  GY. grops. .-
4a n.itch (Luaiiig 'Loc',. ,illi Gingjld). I. strong emphasits  pn Jugendraste
ih the
paiatts; fjrtnlghtiy education il m~etin;s eii plant time usually s se~esdy
aftearnoons;. represeatation of youth on the Butriebsrat.
th 0ru        Youth groups 'are organized in naighbo6hodsa Aith trade union
youth leaters Aho have ieceioQd soia traning dt -zde Of ths above schools.
The groups ho1 informal discussions, bring in outsidQ spezkers when they
6an, aid piar:'rocreational  .venng3 musicd1s, Nnd hikes.           . :"
.;    . -                           -

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