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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

A sample commentary by Heinz Frentzel,   pp. 37-38 PDF (817.4 KB)

Page 38

- 37 -
"There is not the slightest reason for regretting this fact, on the
contrary, it will lead to a reasonable medium course between precipitation
and hesitation, and, as we hope, our own great national interest - the re-
unification of Germany - will be duly considered.
"As far as the union itself is concerned,' there are - apart.from
quite a few obstacles lying ahead - two possibilities: either a federal
state will be created as suggested by a committee of constitutional experts,
or a federation of states will arise which would maintain part of their so-
vereignty for the tLme being, but would execute defense and foreign policy
jointly on a supranational basis.
"Hiowever, there is no reason for the exclusive creation of either the
one or the other. A federation of states of this kind will not be enough
for the governments of the participating countries, and a perfect federal
state is hardly realizable for the time being. Possibly' planning in the
future will point towards a more united federation of states showing a ten-
dency toward a federal state development.
"Within the next six months we will certainly know more about its
Such a supranational federation would and. should, of course, allow the free
nations to join it any time. In particular, this federation should guarantee
close contacts with Great Britain.
"An isolated, self-sufficient Continental European community is im-
possible; it can only exist and develop if from the very beginning it in-
tends to strengthen cooperation with the other nations represented in the
European Council as well as with the British Commonwealth and the Atlantic
Community. And this, too, is the wish of the fathers and advocates of this
federation and the premise on which the success of this undertaking will
"If both participating groups prepare a draft treaty for a political
union of the six countries of the Coal and Steel Community - with due re-
spect for the views of the other participants - a solution will be found
which will not only satisfy both the partners (this would not be enough)
will lead to an ever increasing prosperity of the continent, coupled with
the strengthening of its defensive capacity and the will of free Europe to
maintain its position.
Good Evening!"
_  58 -

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