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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Pinsel and Schnorchel,   pp. 31-34 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 33

- 32   -
"Pinsel, if yrou should- listen to IIIAS or WUDR in the
evening, please turn -o ur radio dowm a bit." I responded:
"Why?t  And he replied: "The other night I walked by'
your house, when I saw a character sneaking around and
listening. Jell, let me tell you, I let him have it.
He saw stars. Well, I just x-anted to tefll you, that's
al 1.
P ins el
: Well, he took you uAder his personal care out of his
feeling of solidarity.
You know, comrade Bchnorchel, this, fellow Ungetuem
is the same guy who came to me some time ago and said,
"Comrade Pinsel, I am cold, I have no coal." And I
talked to him and gave him 20 volumes of Stalin' s
works and I advised him to read them and to learn how
the workers of the- Soviet Union go about getting a
warm room through selfless study of Stalin - but-what
do you think, the following day he was back and asked
for 20 more volumes!.
: What do you mean? You don 't mean to say that he had
read those 20 volumes in one day?!
: Why read - he did not read them, he has an excellent
stove at home!
Well! that is,     the last straw. What should one do
with such miserable comrades? Best thing to do would
be to stick them into the national army, at least they
would be taught discipline there!
Well, you know, our national forces are not ,s hot
either. You know, I was going to volunteer for the
sea police  but when I reported they asked me, "can
you swim?" Well, that scared me. I left right away.
I have said again and again they don' t have any boats.
Pins el
: Now, Pinsel, don't be so dejected. Take it easy!
:- I think I had better go and get myself elected to
the local works council. There I can peacefully dis-
- 33 _

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