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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Pinsel and Schnorchel,   pp. 31-34 PDF (1.2 MB)

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- 31 -
is an eager and lo-l functionary who always follows the Party line,
whereas Pinsel is the fellow who tries to follow Party doctrines through
the labyrinth of changing theories with a certain amount of naivete and
scepticism. The opening sentence by Schnorchel  "Anid let me tell you,
Pizisel  there is something rotten -" has become known all over the
Zone -
the trademark for a funny show- filled. with solid political punches.
S recent Pinsel and Schnorchel broadcast: Comrade Pinsel appears wvith a
heavily bandaged head at the customary evening meeting in the tavern.
Schnorchel's questions concerning the cause are finally answered.:
Pinsel        : I admit, comrade Schnorohel, I have broken Party dis-
cipline, I have been listening to iIS! But I alwaays turn
it on very low.
Schnorchel   : But that is more serious!
Pinsel       : Sclinorchel, let me tell you, the other night it was com-
pletely dark. I walked around the house again in order to
see if my radio set could be heard outsidee.
Schnorchel   : Pinsel!
Pinsel        : It was really a bit too loud for the SSD (State Security
Service), but before I could go inside in order to turn
the radio down I got hit from behind with a blackjack and
I was seeing stars and. losing my ideological conscience
Schnorchel   : Just punishment!
Pinsel       : But I could not recognize the assailant in that darkness.
Three daays I spent in bed, comrade Schnorchel!
Schnorchel   : Well, and. -
Pinsel        : On this third daay in the evening there was a Party actii
vist meeting. I used up all my remaining strength to go
to it. Topic of the night was: 'tAnti-?RIAS campaign must be
stepped up." I got goose pimples all over! Suddenly comrade
Ungetuem (monster) - a good Party worker, you know this
stupid guy- moves up to me and whispers in my ear:
-  52

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