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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Sample commentary by Martin Koch,   pp. 25-28 PDF (1.6 MB)

Sample commentary by Mathias Walden,   pp. 28-30 PDF (1.2 MB)

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by the farmers of Fried-richsaue. The article which "Neues Deutscllandlt
cariedyesterday shows how the Communists try to exploit such developments.
It also shows how they intend to proceed in similar cases and we all know
that there are plenty of similar cases. Since physical disagreements in
connection with foundations of producers' co-ops are daily occurrences, the
Frieddrichsaue experiences should serve as a warnin      o o ur listeners
to be
even more careful than up to now and to consider carefully their resistance
actions and above all' not to allow themselves to be Drovoked..
Good evening!",11
Sample commentary by M1athias 10Ualden in "Berlin Speaks to the Zone,"
December 11, 1952:
Dear Listeners:
"An animal that devours its. owm young will obviously have no des-
cendaants. Its will cease to exist at the time of its own death. Most like-
ly you have heard the familiar quotation, "The revolution devours its
own children.'t 'Then the revolutionary elite of the Soviet Union wvas
liquidated in the cellars and woods, on the gallows and stakes, this quo-
tation, dating back to the French Revolution, assumed new meaning. But his
principle has bden lived uo to wherever Communist despotism has backcvashed
into the offices and. palaces of the Party and its functionaries, to take
its victims from among those wvho started it.
"None of those' who still today spread terror and fear is without
terror and fear himself. Everybody is subject to these emotions and the
activities of state and Party functionaries have assumed characteristics
of utmost danger to life and limb for those who perform them.
I"Slansky's death on the gallows was the most recent proof of this
fact. And now things are beginning to simmer in the Soviet Zone. They
seem to have approached the same situation there. One minister and one
Comm.unist state secretary were dismissed. Minister President Grotewohl,
himself endangered, announced stiff punishments for those responsible for
the mismanagement. In 1Klein-M1achnow the whole local government set-up be-
came inoperative from one day to the next because of arrests by the State
Security Service. In the anthracite mining field leading managers disap-
,peared.. In rural areas SD comrades who did not obey right away had to
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