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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Minor campaign - (RIAS youth broadcast),   pp. 23-24 PDF (691.4 KB)

FDP convention,   p. 24 PDF (301.5 KB)

Page 24

-  23 -
program with sports, games and dancing, it only proves how thesitu-
ation has deteriorated. Tou can take the wind out of the sails. :
of' the Central Council by electing such local, chairman as 'will
really represent your interests."
The result of this type of broadcast, which continued through March,
was that 8000 newly elected local FDJ chairmen were not confirmed, by the
Central Counicil and were labeled ttunreliable." Large-scale protests
finally lead to their confirmation and to an item in "ungeWel't (central
organ of the FDJ):
-American sabotage officers are trying to hinder the
work of our basic units by encouraging sports, games
and dancing through their youth broadcasts. Wle must'fight
such poison."
-The -FDP Convention,' November, 1952
On the occasion of the Free'Democratic Party Convention RIA-S carried
excerpts and reviews of the proceedings. -Franz Bliicher, Deputy Chancellor
of the F-ederal Republic and chairman of the IFDP, acknowledged RIAS'ss part,
I? feel the need to express my heartiest, thanks for your generous
Understanding and the objective manner in which you reported the convent-
ion of the1FDP in Bad Ems ...."
ion Of  te- occPin. Bad Ems'  Fre Deorai 0at        ovninRA          r
- 24 -

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