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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Despite the risks, people listen,   pp. 14-15 PDF (806.2 KB)

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"Freihe-it, "Wittenbe, Ju_ 262 "195o:   The Leaenburg, Schroeder
Beyrow families,. Falkstrasse 16, Wittenberg, apparently still do not
understand what is at stake. If they did,, they would -not let RIAS blare
its commentaries into their ears far into the night. Not only that, they
force the other tenants to listen to RIAS news by turning up their set
to Volume 12."1
"Neues Deutschland   December 17, 1952: Reports indig.lnantly that RIAS
given free publicity at a radio and television exhibit sponsored by state,
HO (commercial monopoly) in East Berlin: "When our reporter visited
exhibit, she really heard the warmongering RIASnevts coming out of a radio
set. A HO salesman, who was playing around another set less than two paces
saway, paid no  attention. He even showed signs of annoyance when his at-
tention was directed to this. The representative of the State Director
for HO Industrial Goods, I1r. Stiller, assumed an almost unbelievable
attitude when this wias pointed out to him. He claimed that the clients
on their own tuned in to RIAS: "In testing a set they always want to
listen to music." Another salesman displaying tape recording machines
even stated: "WIe cut the best tapes by tuning in to RIAS or 7IVIDR
The laboring population of Berlin .... expects to be inforbed immediate-
ly on what is being done to .... put an -end to those practises, and also
what is done to those who are personally responsible for spreading
RIAS war mongering.t,
Although there is constant agitation in Soviet Zone universities and
colleges against listening to RIAS broadcasts, students and teachers-
tune in RIAS. Even at the so-called ttYorker and Peasant Faculties"
(special colleges for children of the 'proletarian class"f) centers
of Communist indoctrination, students listen to the "warmonger station."
This weas acknowledged. by the Secretary General of the SD, Walter IUl-
bricht, who declared in his guidance speech at the Second Party-Con-
ference of the SBD in the summer of 1952.
"Those students who, at the Worker and Peasant College in Rostock,
organized collective listening to RIAS broadcasts, should have been
enlightened by a delegation of workers of the Neptune Shipbuilding
Plant; maybe they would then have recognized sooner what the tasks of
the Worker and Peasant Colleges are!"'
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