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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Information Services Division / RIAS, Berlin

Anti-RIAS press campaign,   pp. 9-10 PDF (799.3 KB)

RIAS spews poison,   pp. 10-12 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 10

- 9-
ADN Agency-      eme     8 I2
Unde r the heading 'ONo Foun'id~tion in RIAS Lies," ADN supplied an
article for publication in the entire Communist press:
"The agitator US RIAS, as well as. US -agents, systematically try to
alarm the DDR population. The agitation center intends to make the popu-
lation believe that there will be food shortages. These enemies of Germany
intend to stimulate hoarding."
"Die FrietqHle           coe       --  2
Under the heading "We Do Not Tolerate Bandits in Our Higher Schools":
"Many highschool pupils, collect information by listening to agi-
tation broadcasts of the US station RIAS. This occurred merely because
teachers Iand pupils have not fought consistently against hostile ideology
particularly against the RIAS influence."t
gliche RundschauI, Berlin, November 24.     952
Reports-on the Districet'Peace Conference 'in Berlin-Koepenick:
"The first secretary of the Greater Berlin Peace Commttee, Heinz Zantoff,
particularly referred to the peace work within the plants which depends on
pu'tting-on good cultural performances together with the population and on
leading a decisive fight against RIAS Agitation and other instigators!"
"Schweriner Vokzei~tmgNovember          ll3- i
Describeo-a picture affixed to a house with the sloga~:.
"The inaitants of this house- want peace and unity! Therefore, nobody
.listens to RIAS! Follow our example!"
In a corrmentary on the "tLaw on Gift P'arcels" reports: "To
extent profiteers., speculators'and saboteurs are affected by this
measure. is proved, ~among other things, by the hysterical fuss made by the
agitator radio station RIAS with its fight against this law."
RIS.-┬žews, Poison
Excerpts from a 2o-page leaflet, published by the Society for Soviet-,-
German Friendship.
"From the very beginning of its broadcasts RIAS has served the US agi'-
tation for a new war....
- lo -

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