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Bunk, Brian D., 1968-; Pack, Sasha D.; Scott, Carl-Gustaf (ed.) / Nation and conflict in modern Spain: essays in honor of Stanley G. Payne

Contributors' note,   p. [vii]

Page [vii]

This volume is a collection of original scholarship and reflective essays
written by students, 
disciples, and friends of the distinguished Hispanist, Stanley G. Payne.
The particular focus is 
Spain, the national historiography on which Professor Payne left his greatest
mark. Chapter 
topics range broadly; some present focused research, others give synthetic
overviews and 
comparative perspectives. Despite the wide cast of subject matter, all essays
are inspired 
by Professor Payne's approach to modern Spanish history. That is to say,
none favors any 
single historiographical orthodoxy over another. Rather, each contributor
strives to balance 
material, political, and cultural factors, and to interpret received wisdom
with skepticism. 
The result, we hope, is a collection bound together by a rich and balanced
appreciation for 
the major events, attitudes, and conflicts that have shaped modern Spanish
history-and a 
humble tribute to a man whose scholarly breadth, rigor, and originality,
and whose kindness, 
wit, and charisma, have deeply touched all of us. 
We thank John Tortorice of the George L. Mosse Program for his enthusiasm
generous support of this project. Additionally, we thank Kenneth Frazier,
director of the 
University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, and Elisabeth Owens, manager of
Parallel Press, 
for bringing this volume to fruition. The editors would, furthermore, like
to call attention 
to James Cortada and Sean Perrone for their vital contributions to the making
of this book 
while also expressing our gratitude to all of the other contributors. Last,
but not least, 
we would like to thank the Fundaci6n Ignacio Larramendi and Editorial Actas
for kindly 
authorizing the reproduction of Colin Winston's chapter, originally published
in Stanley G. 
Payne, ed., Identidad y nacionalismo en la Espaha contemporiinea: el carlismo,
(Madrid, 1996). Subventions from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American
and the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and
supported the research for Sean T. Perrone's chapter. 
The Contributors 

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