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Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 / Personal recollections and observations of General Nelson A. Miles embracing a brief view of the Civil War, or, From New England to the Golden Gate: and the story of his Indian campaigns, with comments on the exploration, development and progress of our great western empire

Chapter XXXVI. A campaign against the Apaches (Captain Maus' narrative),   pp. 450-479 PDF (11.9 MB)

Page 457

Crawford would see the chiefs next da-y.O The conference was to be held
about a mile away on the river below our positiou, and he desired mne to
be present  What would have been the result of this conference will
never be known on account of the unfortunate attack of the Mexicans
   .I           P T I    _LLeaL--   _-  -_ I-thy TTT 1i;A +1-A -I-   I
next day. It was I
position of the hos
doctor and interpr
nately they did not
   We built fires
and tried to ob-
tain a little rest,
but I could not
sleep on account
of the intense
cold, and, besides,
we had been with-
out food for many
hours; in fact, wcv
had not partaken
of cooked food for
days. W it h the
continual miarch-
ing day and night
no wonder our In-
dians were tired
out and now threw
themselves amnong
the rocks to sleep,
failing to nmailn-
tain their usual X
ance. We had no
of an attack. At d
next morning the camp was
aroused by loud cries fromT
some of our scouts.  Lieutenant Shipp and 1, with a white man
named Horn employed as chief-of-scouts for my companies, ran for-
ward to ascertain the cause of alarm. We thought at first thaL
the disturbance must have been occasioned by the scouts of Cap-
tain Wirt Davis. A heavy fog hung over the mountains, making the

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