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Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925 / Personal recollections and observations of General Nelson A. Miles embracing a brief view of the Civil War, or, From New England to the Golden Gate: and the story of his Indian campaigns, with comments on the exploration, development and progress of our great western empire

Chapter II. The Great Civil War,   pp. 25-37 PDF (4.7 MB)

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)1ls, for it included that genius of war, Stonewall Jackson.  In this battle
l was terribly, then supposed to be nmortally, wounded, and was obliged to
Je out of the field for a tiue. Before I was able to return to my own coin-
niand in the field, I organized a brigade of the volunteer forces raised
l)eullSnSYlvaia to aid in checking Lee's invasion of that State. This brigade
wac s organized at Huntingdon on the Juniata River, but its services, with
otlher like forces, were not required, owing to the results achieved in the
   1   - f.  * 40S- I  n-f drtfc   f srr  cv P  ^ A I' XT r (f
(reat, tI'Jlg rJt VLu     J
the PIotomac under Major-Gener
M1eade over Lee's exultant arm-
  Later L was able to return to
Almy (,orps and take part in ti
of the autumn of 1863, and the t
aigln of 1864 from the Wilderne
Iuirg anl 'Richmond, in which
sixty thousand  men of the
Arnmy of the Potomac were
plaed hors (le coinibat. I also
tooli par t in the final campaign
of 186).
  In these cainpaigns my coin-
in aud (consisted of a regimnent,
the Sixty-tirst New York, then
o(I a brigadle, and during the
last two cuni3Y paigns, of the first
D)ivision of the Seconid Ariaiv
('ots ; also, for a short time
  (tiln  -ebJ)ruary, 1865, 1 was in     GENERAL WDIFIELD S. HXNCOCK.
( oIIlla M nd of the Second Army Corps. The chances of war cast liy lot fromii
tfle lirst vitih this organization, the Second Army Corps, organized aiid
finst coin -inaiided by the veteran Major-Gemneral S umner, and afterward
111 slle essol by Major-Generals Couch, Hancock, Sedgwick, French, Hayes,
Mott, lBarlow, Calidwell, Humphreys, and for a brief period by myself,
as state(l.
   It ilisrb)edl a greater number of engagements upon its     baaners
tlanii (hi(1 dd  any other corps of the army, amid I think, more than any
(t)He0r artmiy-corps in the history of the world. The graves of its fallen
*LlC to )e found on every battle-field of the Armiy of the Potomac froni

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