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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

V. E. Organization, cost, personnel, and administrative support,   pp. 140-142 PDF (752.6 KB)

Page 140

1. The operation of the America Houses, the same as other Public
Affairs activities, should be the responsibility of the
regional Public Affairs officers.
2. The Information Centers Division at headquarters should have:
a. direct responsibility for the procurement and distribution
to the America Houses of books and periodicals, the plan-
ning and supervision of in-service training, the provision
of technical guidance on the use of specialized equipment
and materials, the preparation of program guides, the
review of advance program plans, and the approval of
b. responsibility for advising the Director of the Office of
Public Affairs on -plans and policies for the America House
3. With the exception of routine contact in connection with the
logistics of headquarters program servicing, the America House
staffs should contact headquarters only through the regional
Public Affairs offices.
Exchange of Persons Program
Field work in connection wilth the exchange of persons program
should be conducted in conjunction with the America House
directors, and the directors should be made directly respon-
sible for as much of the program as can be delegated.
This recommendation does not apply to Berlin.
Pamphlet Distribution
All field distribution of pamphlets, other than those distributed
through German national organizations, should be performed either
irecVly by the America Houses or in cooperation with them. The
cooperative aspect applies to the development of mailing lists
for direct distribution from headquarters.
This recommendation does not apply to Berlin.
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