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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

V. B. Programming,   pp. 132-136 PDF (2.0 MB)

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Audio-Visual Aids
1. All of the Amrica Houses should be responsible for the dis-
tribution of fi   in their respective geographic areas.
2. Closer coordination should be developed between the Motion
Picture Division and the Information Centers Division in order
to provide programming guidance on the use of fis in the
Aierica House program. Emphasis should be placed on coordi-
nation with other aspects of progra    g, supervision of in-
service training, and field visits.
3. Notion picture progra     g solely for entertainment purposes or
as a drawing card should be discontinued. Film showings should
always be accompanied by introductions and discussions in order
to insure real effectiveness.
4. The theles outlined under Progammin    Content should be used as
criteria for the selectionof inpro          just as they are
used as a basis for over-all progra  ing.
5. Greater use should be mde of the audio-visual aids equipment
and materials in connection with  1 America House programs.
Lecturies and Discussions
1. Lectures and discussions should be planned, using the breakdown
as recoinnded under              Content as a basis for the
selection of theme,             i   eraion being given to the
proper prograg balance.
2. The selection of lecturers should be subject to the approval
of headquarters.
3. Lectures and discussions on sbjects not directly related to
Public Affairs objectives in Germany, and which are presented
only as a commnity service or to attract people, should be
severely limited.
ic Progs
Music programs should be limited to concerts, live or recorded,
which present Amrican artists or feature American compositions.
1. Exhibits in the America Houses should be directly related to
the basic programming themes. The practice of considering
exhibits as a separate program should be discontinued.
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