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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

V. B. Programming,   pp. 132-136 PDF (2.0 MB)

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2. Concerts
a. Amrican Artists
1. Live concerts by Aerican artists
2. Recocrded concerts by American artists
b. Arican Music
1. Live concerts featuring Arican music
2 * Recorded concerts featuring American music
3. Miscellaneou
Under this heading cam the ents that the America House co-
sponsors from time to time with recognized German organizations
as part of its role as a community cultural center.
Advanced Plannig of CohesiveA Coordited Prganing
The reproduction on the next page represents the chart wich should
be used by each Amrica House director in order to keep a continuous
check on his sucess in maintaining a balanced program. A filled-out
copy should be transmitted monthly to the respective Public Affairs
1. Headquarters should continue to submit to the regional Public
Affairs officers and to the America House directrs its counsel
and suggestions as to programing themes, as well as advance
information on potentially available speakers, artists, and
2. Regional Public Affairs officers should give Amrica House
directors specific, advance instructions and guidance as to
the nature of programming activities and subjects. This should
be done on a regular basis by developng, -in conjyction with
the directors, advance monthly or quarterly frameork programs
which will give cohesiveness to the program direction and will
enable the America Houses to coordinate all available media
toward the accomplishment of the basic objectives.
3. Following the establishment of the objectives as contemplated
in 1. and 2., the Africa House directors and their programing
personnel should prepare major programing projects, such as
monthly or quarterly programs, in advance and submit them to
their Public Affairs officers for approval.
4. After review and necessary modification by the regional Public
Affairs officer, the proposed programing projects again should
be reviewed by headquarters for central programing assistance.
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