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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

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1. The library should continue as the hub of America House activities.
2. The relationship of the library collection to all other activities
should be intensified through the preparation of bibliographies,
displays, and reviews to tie-in with their programs.
3. Subscriptions to periodicals should be limited to an average of 100
for each America House.
4. The number of hours the libraries are open to the public should be
standardized at 48 hours a week.
5. An intensive publicity program with reference to the contents of the
library should be maintained.
6. The present "weeding processW of book collections should be accele-
rated to remove the many titles which are seldom if ever used, are
not of potential interest to the German public, or which have no
relationship to the objectives of the America House program.
*7. The procurement of German language translations of American books
should be increased through direct procurement and through the book
translation program until they equal 50 per cent of the total volumes.
8. Annual acquisitions of English language books should be limited to
necessary reference materials and to other American books with a
definite and specific bearing on the mission of the United States
in Germany.
9. A professionally-trained librarian should be assigned to the head-
quarters staff to maintain continuous guidance on library services,
relation of the library to other activities, and in-service training.
Half of this individual's time should be spent in the America House
and the German-American libraries. This means either the recruitment
of another librarian for headquarters or the freeing of the present
librarian from all duties, except catalogue direction, connected
with the Central Distribution Section. The latter alternative is
recommended. If the librarian is freed from the bulk of Central
Distribution duties, another American employee should be assigned to
the distribution work.
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