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United States. Office of the US High Commissioner for Germany. Management and Budget Division / The America Houses, a study of the U.S. Information Center in Germany

IV. E. Location of America Houses,   pp. 128-129 PDF (724.8 KB)

Page 129

Since all of the America Houses now in operation are well-established,
it would be possible to present a strong case for retaining all of them,
and,in addition, opening some new ones in the British zone of occupation.
However, the number and location Should be appraised positively from the
standpoint of which communities should have them without regard to where
they now exist.
The number of America Houses depends basically on how many can be
welded effectively into a high quality, hard-hitting, coordinated Public
Affairs program. Obviously, if the only reason for an America House is
that it please the communities and fill a community cultural need, there
is no end to the number of Houses which could be justified in Germany.
Since, however, the reason for operating Information Centers is to further
all aspects of the Public Affairs program and not merely to provide con-
umity services, the number and location must be governed by practical
and selfish considerations.
If carefully selected, less than half the number of the 36 America
Houses open in 1953 can be operated and still serve cities having total
populations equal to 88 per cent of the population of the 36 cities now
served. Expressed another way, it is possible to have access to a popu-
lation only slightly less than 10 per cent below the population served in
1953. At the sam  time there would result a workable size group of
Houses for which greater emphasis on quality programs and services is
The amount of appropriated money now available for a greater number
of Houses should be concentrated on this smaller number, thus permitting
more intensive and higher quality programs.
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