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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Concert in Salzburg,   pp. 90-92 PDF (676.2 KB)

Page 91

sky, with a vocal selection by a noted Viennese soprano, Ester
Our box was immediately over the stage. During the rendition
of the Beethoven Symphony, I whispered to the General, sitting
next to me, "What delightful music."
He replied, "Yes, these people should have stuck to fiddling in-
stead of fighting."
Sitting in the next box to us was the commoner wife of the
Belgian King-she lives with him in a villa a short distance from
During intermission, the General excused himself to pay his
respects to this lady who is addressed as "Princess." When a pho-
tographer tried to take a picture of General Keyes with the
"Princess," he cleverly turned off the camera-men-saying he did
not think the "Princess" would like to have her picture taken with
The people paid a particular tribute to the first violinist, Karl
von Baltz-formerly for 5 years first violinist of the Viennese
After the concert General Keyes invited us to his home for
supper. He also is living in an attractive "liberated" home, re-
cently the residence of a Nazi gauleiter. The General made a
significant remark during the delicious meal-"The people who
feed Austria will have Austria."
Tuesday, August 14
After an early kreakfast, motored back to Munich, past prison-
ers of war outside of Salzburg cleaning up rubble, and past women
and children with pushcarts carrying wood. The people realize this
is going to be a very cold winter.
After a delightful lunch at Bad Weisse we continued down the
autobahn into the town of Munich. Covering the 60 miles from
Salzburg to Munich, we presented ourselves at the military head-

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