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Berlin, Richard E., 1894- / Diary of a flight to occupied Germany, July 20 to August 27, 1945.

Bad fogs to Berlin,   pp. 71-74 PDF (990.9 KB)

Page 73

Friday, August 1J
At breakfast an officer told us, "We captured all the German
records and the books of their corporations. Russia has the manu-
facturing plants."
Touring the city, a block away from the hotel we saw evidences
of street fighting. There are beautifully-kept Russian graves at
street intersections between the sidewalks and the curbstones,
which the Germans are required to care for. The Russians buried
their dead where they fell.
Motored towards the center of Berlin, past the headquarters of
the former Ministry of Labor that had been headed by Dr. Ley.
Incidentally, he was in charge of the "Strength Through Joy"
movement. This organization regimented all of the young un-
married women of Germany for breeding purposes. Everywhere
in Germany are unmarried girls who have as many as 4 and 5
children, this being an honorable contribution to the State for
which Hitler decorated the girls with medals.
On all sides we saw overturned tanks and cars. In an area of
about 10 miles wide in the center of -the city every building is
smashed and destroyed. Berlin ordinarily has a population of
4,000,000 people. Now it is estimated there are 3,500.000 popula-
tion, living in cellars, hovels, and anywhere for shelter. Everyone
shudders when he speaks of the winter with no coal. They say
that if the medical authorities can control the epidemics which
are bound to come with winter, it will be a superhuman achieve-
ment. It is estimated there are at least a hundred thousand bodies
still buried in the debris-the stench testifies to these figures.
Continually you see food lines-hundreds of people standing
in queues for food.
Passed the Sport Palace-completely wrecked. Here is where
Goebbels made his speeches. Graves are everywhere alongside
the sidewalks. The old Haus Vaterland, famous restaurant of
pre-war days, has vanished, as has everything else in Potsdamer
Platz. Saw Himmler's and Goering's headquarters-completely

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