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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Berlin Kommandatura Order 101a to the Oberbuergemeister of the city of Berlin on Denazification, 28 February 1946,   pp. 158-159 PDF (728.2 KB)

Page 158

BK/0(46) 101                                                           28
February 1946
SUBJECT: Denazification
TO      * Oberbuergermeister, City of Berlin
The Allied Kommandatura Berlin orders as follows:
1. To publish and post the attached order on denazification for the informa-
tion and guidance of the public.
2. To carry out the provisions of said order in all phases of the city admini-
stration, and
3. To make said order and all other laws and directives on the same subject
available at the Magistrat, the Bezirksaemter and any other offices where
said order
and other laws and directives may be required in effectuating the provisions
of said
4. Acknowledge receipt of this order, quoting number and date.
BK/O(46) lOla
28 February 1948
In order to eradicate completely the influence of Natiomal Socialism and
ism from the institutions and economic life of Berlin and to promote the
of true democratic institutions it is ordered that:
1.  It is unlawful without special permission of the Allied Komrnandatura
for any
branch of the administration, any publi c or private undertaking, or any
individual' to
employ or retain in any supervisory or managerial capacity or in any capacity
involves the control of personnel, any member of the Nazi party -who has
been more than
a nominal participant in its activities or any other person who is hostile
to the
Allied purposes.
2. Persons are to be dismissed fram the employment as more than nominal partici-
pants in the activities of the NSDAP or as hostile to Allied purposes when
they have:
(i)  Joined the NSDLP or were accepted for membership before membership
became compulsory in 1937.
(ii)  Held office -or otherwise been active at any level fral local to national
in the Party and its subordinate organizations or in organizations
which further militaristic doctrines.
(iii) Authorized or participated affirmatively in any Nazi crimes, racial
secutions 'or discriminations.
(iv) Been avowed believers in Naziism or racial and military creeds, or
(v) Voluntarily given substantial moral or material support or political
assistaXe of any kind to the Nazi Party, officials and leaders.
3. Further guidance as to the persons who are to be treated as active National
Socialists, militarists or as hostile to the Allied purposes will be contained
the regulations to be issued which will be available at each Bezirksamt.
cation Regulations No. 1)
APRIL 1948
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