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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Commander in chief of Soviet occupation forces in Germany, Order No. 201, rules for the application of Directives No. 24 and No. 38 of the Control Council on Denazification, 16 August 1947,   pp. 156-157 PDF (975.6 KB)

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time a general legal prosecution of all nominal, non-active members of the
Nazi Party
will be not admissable.
4) German administrative organs will be instructed to remove within three
all former active fascists and militarists from all public and semi-public
posts and
corresponding positions in private key enterprises.
5) German administrative organs will be obliged not to carry out any confisca-
tions, property sequestrations and compulsory evacuations from dwellings
of former
fascists on account of orders decreed by authorities other than legal or
ing administrative organs*
6) It will be determined that denazification boards continue their activity
only at the central points of districts, the capitals 7of the laender, and
cities be-
longing to the laender; the competence of these commissions will include
the scrutiny
of cases connected with crimes conmitted by former active members of the
Nazi party.
The selection of personnel of the newly-to-be-formed denazification commissions
will be left to the local organs of German self-government and be confirmed
by super-
ior German administrative organs and the leading organs of the Soviet Military
istration of the Laender. As members of the commission may be admitted only
persons who have actually proven their democratic attitude and according
to their moral
and political qualities are able to guarantee a just solution of these questions.
7) Scrutiny of cases turned over to the courts by denazification boards,
ecutors or other corresponding organs for investigation of the guilt or for
punishment of war- crimiinals, former Nazis, militarists, profiteers and
who inspired and supported the Nazi regime, will be carried out by German
by use of the sanctions provided by Directive No. 38 of the Control Council.
competence of the court will depend on the residence of the accused. The
tion of extraordinarily important cases will be made by military government
by order of the corresponding organs of the Soviet Military administrations.
8) All cases of crimes mentioned in Directive No. 24 and No. 38 will be turned
over to German investigation authorities.
9) Responsibility for the execution of this order, as well as the execution
Directives No. 24 and 38 will be transferred to German internal and legal
tions and to the laender goverrnents of the Soviet occupation zone.
The general control of the execution of this order will be vested in the
istrative chiefs of the Soviet Militar Administration of the laender.
10) The Staff of the Soviet Military Administration is authorized to issue
structions concerning the application of this order.
Supreme Cmnmander of the Soviet Military Administration -
C.i.C. of the Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany
Marshal of the Soviet Union V. Sokolovaky
Chief of Staff of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany
Lt. Gen. G. Lukjantschenko
Berlin, 16 August 1947 (SNB)
No. 67
23 August 1947
APRIL 1948
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