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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 38 (the arrest and punishment of war criminals, Nazis and Militarists and the internment, control and surveillance of potentially dangerous Germans) 12 October 1946,   pp. 114-136 PDF (6.7 MB)

Page 136

Appendix 'A'
The following is a list of categories of persons who will be
carefully investigated and, if there is evidence of guilt in accor-
dance with the provisions of paragraphs I and II of Article 4 of
this Directivej will be charged as lesser offenders and punished
if found guilty:
1. Applicants for membership in the SS or its formations;
2. Members of SA after 1 April 1933;
3. Members of HJ or BDM prior to 25 March 1939;
4. NCO's of RAD of a rank below Feldmeister or Maiden-
5. Members of NSDAP after 1 May 1937 and all Applicants for
membership in the NSDAP,
6. Persons who were officials in the field of education or press
who received extraordinarily rapid promotion after 1 May
7. Persons who have profited by ,acceptance or transfer of pro-
perty incidental to the spoilation of formerly occupied ter-
ritories, "Aryanizing" or confiscation of property on political,
religious or racial grounds;
8. Persons who have been employed in policy-making or exe-
cutive positions in the Military or civilian administration of
formerly occupied areas;
9. Persons Who have made substantial contributions to the
10. Members of political parties or organizations in Germany
which supported the seizure of power by the NSDAP, such
as the Tannenbergbund, Altdeutscher Verband;
11. Leading officials of the German Red Cross, particularly those
who were appointed after 1 January 1933;
12. Members of the Deutsche Christenbewegung and Deutsche
13. Members of the NSKK, NSFK, NSDStB, NSDoB, and NSF;
14. Holders of the Spanish Cross, of the Austrian, the Sudeten-
deutsche and the Memel Commemoration Medal, of the
Danzig Cross, of the SA-Wehrsportabzeichen, of the Merit
Medal of RAD;
15. Parents or guardians who expressed consent for the edu-
cation of their children in Nationalpolitische Erziehungs-
anstalten, Adolf-Hitler-Schulen and Ordensschulen;
16. Persons, who gained financial advantages through the
17. Persons who due to National Socialistic influence escaped
military service or active combat duty;
18. Employees of important enterprises in trade, industry, agri-
culture or finance with the title Generaldirektor, Direktor,
President, Vicepresident, Geschaeftsfuehrer, Betriebsleiter,
and all members of the Board of Directors, the chairmen and
deputy chairmen of the Board of Supervision, Chief en-
gineers and Oberingenieure in so far as they were policy-
making technical personnel, and all persons with power to
hire and fire employees.
APRIL 1948              _
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