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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 38 (the arrest and punishment of war criminals, Nazis and Militarists and the internment, control and surveillance of potentially dangerous Germans) 12 October 1946,   pp. 114-136 PDF (6.7 MB)

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6. Vicepresidents
a) of the Relchserbgesundheitsgericht,
b) of the Reichsflnanzhof,
c) of the Reichsrechtsanwaltskammer,
d) of the Reichsnotarkammer,
e) of the Reichspatentanwaltskammer,
f) of the Reichskammer fuer Wirtschaftspruefer,
and all regular members of the Obergte Ehrengerichtshoefe
for lawyers, patent attorneys, notaries and Wirtschafts-
7. Presidents of the Oberlandesgerichte and Generalstaatsan-
waelte If not included in the category of Major Offender
and Vicepresidents of the Oberlandesgerichte.
8. Presidents of the Dienststrafkammern for judicial officials.
9. Presidents of the Landesgerichte.
10. Oberstaatsanwaelte of the Landgerichte.
11. Personalreferenten of the courts.
12. Full-time executives and regular members of the Pruefungs-
stellen of the Reichsjustizpruefungsamt.
13. President of the Rechtsanwaltskammer, Notarkammer and
Patentanwaltskammer in the districts of the Oberlandes-
14. Presidents and Vicepresidents
a) of the Fideikommissgericht,
b) of the Schiffahrtsobergericht,
c) of the Oberprisenhof.
15. Presidents and Vicepresidents and regular members of the
Courts of Honour of the free professions at Reich and Gau
0) Other Groups of Persons
1. NCO's of Stosstrupps and Werkscharen within business
2. Persons who held the office of Vertrauenslehrer or Jugend-
walter in any type of school.
3. Rectors of universities and chairmen of the board of
curators, heads of teacher's training colleges and heads of
institutions of university level appointed since 1934 if not
included in the category of Major Offender.
4. All other persons who have propagated the National
Socialistic or Fascistic "world philosophy".
5. Persons who after 1 April 1933 have applied for or adopted
German nationality or acquired same in a way other than
by annexation laws or by marriage or adoption.
APRIL 1948
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