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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 38 (the arrest and punishment of war criminals, Nazis and Militarists and the internment, control and surveillance of potentially dangerous Germans) 12 October 1946,   pp. 114-136 PDF (6.7 MB)

Page 132

5. Refchskulturkammern  etc. and subordinate offices and
branches (Reichsschrifttumskammern, Reichspressekammer,
Reichsrundfunkkammer). All office holders if not included
in the category of Major Offender.
6. Deutscher. Fichtebund - All members if not included
in the category of Major Offender.
7. Reichssicherheitsdienst - All members if not included In
the category of Major Offender.
8. All office holders of the following institutes:
a) Institut zur Erforschung der Judenfrage,
b) Weltdienst,
c) Deutsche Akademie Muenchen,
d) Staatsakademie fuer Rassen- und Gesundheitspflege,
e) Amerika-Institut,
f) Osteuropaeisches Institut,
g) Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut,
h) Deutsches Auslands-Institut.
I) The Nazi Party Decorations
1. Coburg Badge - All holders.
2. Nuremberg Party Meeting Badge of 1929 - All holders.
3. Badge of the SA-Meeting Braunschweig of 1931 - All
4. Golden HJ Badge (Golden Hitler Youth Badge) -    All
5. NSDAP Service Medals - All holders if not included in the
category of Major Offender.
6. Gau Ehrenzeichen of the NSDAP (The Gau Badges of
honour) - All holders
K) Government officials
1. All officials of the Foreign Office (Embassies, Legations,
General Consulates, Consulates and Missions) in the rank
of a Ministerialrat or in the position of an attache.
2. All officials in higher positions who had been promoted to
such offices otherwise than by normal advancement after
1 April 1933 and without having professional qualifications.
3. All officials who occupied the following positions since 1934:
a) 'Bevollmaechtigter,
b) Inspekteur,
c) Trustees of Labor and of other fields and their deputies,
e) Deputies of the holders of titles and positions included
in the category of Major Offender,
f) Reichseinsatzingenieure and Arbeitseinsatzingenieure,
g) Obmann including Ruestungsobmann.
4. All members of the German Reichstag or of the Prussian
Staatsrat since 1 January 1934.
5. All officials of the Reichsministerium for Public Information
and Propaganda and executives of its Regional offices and
auxiliary offices down to and including Kreis level, as well
as all employees of Nazi offices who participated in po-
litical propaganda in word or script.
6. The officials in the Hoehere Dienst of the Reichsministe-
rium for Armament and War Production, Kirchenministe-
rium, the Gauwohnungskommissare and their deputies.
7. Oberflinanzpraesidenten.
8. Regierungspraesidenten, Landraete und Buergermeister.
APRIL 1948
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