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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 24 (removal from office and from positions of responsibility of Nazis and of persons hostile to allied purposes) 12 January 1946,   pp. 98-113 PDF (4.9 MB)

Page 112

g) Persons who have benefited by acceptance or transfer of
property incidental to spoliation of occupied countries, ary-
anization, or confiscation of property on political, religious or
racial grounds.
h) Persons who have had exceptionally rapid promotions in civil
service, education or the press since 30 January 1933.
i) Persons who have been employed in policymaking or exec-
utive positions in the military or civil administration of Ger-'
man occupied territories and who are not covered by para 10
j) Persons who have made substantial contributions to the Party
(sums large in themselves or large in proportion to the means
of the individual in question). In this connection it should
be noted that contributions to German political parties, in-
cluding the NSDAP, were frequently made by companies.
cartels, etc., and prominent sympathizers with the Party may
have used this method rather than that of personal sub-
scription to support the Party.
k) Persons who were members of other political parties or or-
ganizations in Germany which ultimately provided support
for the National Socialist Party at the time of its coming into
power te. g. Hugenberg's Harzburger Front Group of the
Deutschnationale Volkspartei, the Stahlhelm and the Kyff-
l) Persons holding high positions in the German Red Cross.
particularly if they were appointed since 1933. Leading posts
in this organization have been given only to men and women
considered reliable by the Nazis.
m) Persons belonging to the "German Christian Movement"
(Deutsche Christen Bewegung). This organization consists
mainly of Nazis who claim to be Protestant Christians and
who have managed, with the help of the NSDAP, to gain
a majority control of the administrative machinery of the
German Evangelical Church. Membership of this organization
indicates Nazi sympathy.
n) Persons belonging to the "Neo-Pagan Movement" (Deutsche
Glaubensbewegung). This organization was composed of Nazi
sympathizers frank enough to admit Nazism and Christianity
are irreconcilable. Membership of this organization rai c-
strong presumption of Nazi sympathy.
o) Members of the NSKK, and the NSFK, NSDStB, NSDoB and
p) Recipients of the Spanish Cross. the Austrian Commemoration
Medal, the Sudeten Commemoration Medal, the Memol Com-
memoration Medal, the Danzig Cross, the SA Military Badge,
or Reich Labor Services Badges Of Merit.
q) Parents who have permitted any of their children to attend
National Political Educational Institutes (Nationalpolitische
Erziehungsanstalten) - NAPOLAS or NPEA, Adolf Hitler
Schools (Adolf-Hitler-Schulen) or Ordensburgen.
r) Persons who have received financial favoritism from the
s) Persons who, through Nazi influence, escaped military service
or actual service at the front.
APRIL 1948
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