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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Allied Control Authority, Control Council Directive No. 24 (removal from office and from positions of responsibility of Nazis and of persons hostile to allied purposes) 12 January 1946,   pp. 98-113 PDF (4.9 MB)

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93. All members of the Staffs of Concentration Camps
94. Persons who have held the office of Vertrauenslehrer (or
Jugendwalter before 1937) in any type of school.
95. Persons who have denounced or contributed to the seizure of
opponents of the Nazi regime.
96. Persons who have instigated or perpetrated acts of violence
against political or religious opponents of the Nazi regime.
97. Persons employed in disseminating Nazi or Fascist ideology.
98. Persons who have been officials, teachers, or pupils at any
time in National Political Educational Institutes (National-
politische Erziehungsanstalten - NAPOLAS or NPEA) Adolf
Hitler Schools (Adolf-Hitler-Schulen) or Ordensburgen.
99. Any person who has been previously removed or excluded
from office or employment by any Zone Commander.
11. Guide to discretionary removals or exclusions
The eradication of nazism and militarism will require the elim-
iation and exclusion from any positions of control or influence
of persons likely to perpetuate an undemocratic tradition. In ad-
dition to the persons coming within categories listed in paragraph
10 and therefore subject to compulsory removal, the following
types should be closely examined:
a) Career officers of the German Armed Forces including the
former Reichswehr.
b) Persons who represent Prussian Junker tradition. These per-
sons are difficult to define correctly. Information as to any
individual, however, which shows him to have been a mem-
ber of an aristocratic Prussion or East Prussian, Pomme-
rarian, Silesian or Mecklenburg family, or of one which is the
owner of extensive property in Prussia, or that he was a
member of any of the elite German University Students Corps
(such as the Bonner Borussen or all corps belonging to the
Kosener SC), or a member of any of the East Prussian or
Silesian Landesmannschaften, should be given careful con-
sideration; such individuals are likely to merit removal or
exclusion as they are' likely to perpetuate the German mili-
taristic tradition.
12. Discretionary Removal and Exclusion Categories
The list given hereunder should be consulted in determining
whether or not persons not included under para 10 above or other-
wise prescribed fall within the category of strong nazi sym-
pathizers or persons hostile to Allied purposes:
a) Members (other than conscripts) of the Waffen-SS.
b) Persons who have been candidates for membership in any of
the branches of the SS.
c) Persons who joined the SA on or after 1 April 1933.
d) Members of the Hitler Jugend and Bund deutscher Mddel
who joined the HJ before 25 March 1939.
e) NCOs of the RAD below the rank of Feldmeister (men) and
Maidenfuihrerin (women).
f) Nominal members of the NSDAP who joined the Party after
1 May 1937 and persons who have been candidates for mem-
bership of the NSDAP.
W." , -APRILL 1948
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