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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

Law for liberation from National Socialism and Militarism (German legislation), 5 March 1946, as amended and annotated,   pp. 52-97 PDF (13.5 MB)

Page 54

BUrgermeister to register on behalf of dead, missing or absent
persons who are presumptively offenders under the Law, see
Regulation No. 1 (MGR 24-500.11).
For instructions for filling out registration forms (Meldebogen),
see MGR 24-500.54.
An English translation of the decree concerning registration
for issuance of identity cards (Kennkarten) is attached at MGR
Groups of Persons Responsible
In order to make a just determination of responsibility and to
provide for imposition of sanctions, the followihg groups of persons
shall be formed:
(1) Major Offenders,
(2) Offenders (activists, militarists and profiteers),
(3) Lesser Offenders (probationers),
(4) Followers,
(5) Persons exonerated.
Major Offenders
Major Offenders are:
(1) Persons who, out of political motives, committed crimes
against victims or opponents of National Socialism;
(2) Persons who, in Germany or in the occupied areas, treated
foreign civilians or prisoners of war contrary to Inter-
national Law;
(3) Persons --rho are responsible for excesses, plundering,
deportations, or other acts of violence, even if committed in
fighting against resistance movements;
(4) Persons who were active in leading positions in the NSDAP,
one of its formations, or affiliated organizations, or in any
other Nazi or Militaristic organization;
(5) Persons who in the government of the Reich, of a Land, or
in the public administration of formerly occupied areas,
were active in leading positions which could 'have been held
only by leading Nazis or supporters of the National Social-
istic tyranny.
(6) Persons who otherwise gave major political, economic, pro-
pagandistic or other support to the National Socialist tyranny
or who, by reason of their relations with the National Socia-
list tyranny, received very substantial profits for themselves
or others.
(7) Persons who were actively engaged for the National Social-
ist tyranny in the Gestapo, the SD, the SS, or the Geheime
Feldpolizei or Grenzpolizei.
(8) Persons who, in any form whatsoever, participated in kil-
lings, tortures, or other acts of cruelty in a concentration
camp, a labor camp, an internment camp, or a medical in-
stitution or asylum.
APRIL 1948
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