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Germany (territory Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Civil Administration Division. / Denazification, cumulative review. Report, 1 April 1947-30 April 1948.

USFET directive, removal of Nazis and Militarists, 7 July 1945,   pp. 23-36 PDF (6.1 MB)

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c. Officers or NCOs at any time of the SA or members who joined the SA
prior to . April 1933;
d. Officers at any time of the Hitler Jugend (including the Bund Deut-
scher Maedel);
e. Officers or NGOs at any time of the NSKK, NSFK, NSDStB, NSBoB or
f. Officers at any time of the RAD down to and including the rank of
g. Officials or officers at any time of any of the affiliated associa-
tions (Angeschlossene Verbaende) or supervised organizations (Betreute Organiza-
tionen) of the NSDAP.
5. Use of Lists
Such lists will by no means complete the Denazification process but will
provide a simple first step towards removal of obviously disqualified personnel.
Military Government Officers will promptly remove all persons whose names
On such lists. Two copies of such lists will be forwarded, to the appropriate
Public Safety Officer, who will retain one for his information and records,
will forward the other to the nearest GIC Unit, to assist in its mission
of arrest
and detention. Fragebogen (see below) should be obtained in addition from
such individual before he is notified of his dismissal.
6. Fragebogen
In addition to the above lists, Military Government Officers will require
the officials of governmental or civil agencies or enterprises for the vetting
of which they are responsible, to distribute Fragebogen (Form MOG/PS/G/9a)
individuals occupying 'public office" and "positions of importance
in quasi-
public and private enterprise' as defined in Part 1 above. Instructions will
given that such Fragebogen are to be filled out, signed and returned within
3 days.
7. Review by Supervising Officer
When officials of the agency or enterprise under supervision deliver the
Fragebogen to supervising Military Government Officers and before the Fragebogen
is turned over to Public Safety Officers for evaluation and investigation,
tary Government Officers will a
a. Review the Fragebogen for the purpose of removing immediately those
officials, civil servants or employees who obviously come within the mandatory
removal categories.
b. Arrange the Fragebogen in the order of the importance of positions
held and the urgency of the need for information concerning the individual
cumbent or applicant for appointment.
c. Endorse on individual Fragebogen a notation that the incumbent has
already been removed, if such is the fact, together with the date of removal.
Such Fragebogen will be bundled separately in order that Public Safety Officers
will not be delayed by their unnecessary evaluation and investigation.
8. Fragebogen Action Sheet
After Public Safety Officers have completed their investigation, they will
forward to the Military Government Officer concerned a Fragebogen Action
(form MG/PS/G/AO) for each official for whom a Fragebogen has been submitted.
The Fragebogen Action Sheet will contain a summary of facts concerning the
APRIL 1948
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