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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut

A. Reports of the vote for ratification, 9-12 January,   pp. 564-567

Page 567

Very cold. Th [ ermometer] I11 and at 1I1 1/2 [ 3:30 ] th [ ermometer ]
8 1/2 serene mane. President [Abraham] Baldwin3 -visited me and
we conversed on the Federal Constitution.
1. MS, Bienecke Library, CtY.
2. The broadside Glorious News (Mfm: Conn. 69) gave- the time of arrival as 10: 30
P.M. The New Haven Gazette, 17 January, reported that the news of ratification
was received in New Haven "five hours after the final vote was passed."
3. Baldwin was president of the sta te- chartered, but not yet established, Uni-
versity of Georgia.
Thaddeus Leavitt Diary
Suffield, 10 January'
This day a state Convention, which had met at Hartford agreeable
to a resolve of the General Assembly in October last, adopted the
Federal Constitution made and proposed by a Convention of the
United States on the 17th September last at Philadelphia. In favor
of it, 128 members; and against it, 40 ditto. Among the negatives were
the two Suffield members., viz. Alexn. King., Esquire and David Tod.
The principal part. of the inhabitants of Suffield are much opposed to
the Constitution taking place-but I conceive there can no weighty
arguments be advanced against it-when, on the other hand, reason,
experience, justice, safety, and the 'present as well as the future well
being and safety of this country depend on its taking place. And I
believe and wish it may be a lasting blessing to the THIRTEEN
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. At present only 4 states have
adopted it, viz. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut.
1. Typescript, Leavitt Book, Kent Memorial Library, Suffield, Conn. Leavitt, a
Suffield merchant and shopkeeper, was a justice of the peace for Hartford County.
Levi Hart to Henry Marchant
Preston, 12 January (excerpt)'
I congratulate you on the adoption of the Federal Constitution by
the Convention of this state, on the 9th instant. 128 for it and only
40 against it. We shall soon have the yeas and nays. I think it a
happy event that hitherto every state which has acted on the im-
portant subject has been in favor of the Constitution and cannot
but hope that the most wise and gracious Disposer of Events has
blessing laid up for these states for a long succession of ages.
I am not indeed insensible of the many dangers which threaten us,
but from the analogy of Divine Providence, I think we have great
cause to hope.
1. RC, Marchant Papers, Rhode Island Historical Society. Marchant, a Newport,
Rhode Island, lawyer, had been a delegate to the Continental and Confederation
congresses. See also Hart to Joseph Bellamy, 25 February, Mfm:Conn. 87.

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