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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut
3 (1978)

V. Commentaries on the Constitution, 13 November 1787-7 January 1788,   pp. 456-534

Page 522

In fields of blood let Shays or Lincoln3 fail,
Let Blue Laws reign, or raise thy brazen wall.-
But let imperial York still rule the sea.
And leave our posts to Clinton and to me.
But vain the toil-our highest hopes are vain;
This Constitution haunts my turbid brain.
Scarce from dread Compo's distant field of fight
A spectre rose so hideous to my sight;
Nor yet such horror, lest the Upper Board,
When I resign'd, should take me at my word.
Thy fears are just. My soul shall rue the day,
That bears the impost from these hands away;
For when to Congress, Clinton's pride shall yield,
His friends must fall, his minions quit the field.
What then remains? shall men of sense and note,
Who scorn my counsels and give me no vote,
Shall laws, shall government, shall foederal power,
Rise from the dust, and rule the peaceful shore?
Nor yet despair-for trite Objections rise,
Where Mason gains, and Gerry, full supplies.
See the loud Lees eke out their scribbling trade,
And all York wits afford their feeble aid;
No day elapses, but essays a score
Come out from men, who ne'er essay'd before.
Had my good fire but taught this hand to write,
That Constitution ne'er had seen the light.
My sinking glory I'd revive amain,
And vile Detectors4 should detect in vain.
This load of sly-wrote Pamphlets, small and great,
Distribute gratis---they'll distract your State.
In them you'll find the hopeful scheme we form,
To save our cause, and ward the gathering storm;
In this let all your friends with us embark,
And seek their safety in the chosen ark.

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