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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut
3 (1978)

V. Commentaries on the Constitution, 13 November 1787-7 January 1788,   pp. 456-534

Page 521

In all the wealth that both the Indies pour,
While Yankey fools increase the splendid store,
Your State may boast-give us the hard-bound soil,
Where equal poverty repays the toil.
Waft us, 0 winds, a vast increase of trade,
Full-freighted ships, with IMPOST to be paid,
Goods of all foreign growth, though vile and poor,
They'll pay the duties, and I ask no more.
Oh, for those simple times, our father's knew,
Ere trade began, when all their laws were blue;
When log-built hutts defended from the storm,
And leather aprons kept their bellies warm;
When witches strove in vain to breath thro' hemp,
And common food was bear's grease mixt with samp.
Shine clear, 0 moon, in all thy silver pride,
Aid my brave boys that watch the nightly tide;
May no vile smuggler shun their faithful view,
And rob my coffers of their rightful due.
Oh, that a wall of brass, our State around,
Had us enclos'd and fixt the people's bound.
Of all its gates that open to the seas,
In this right hand had I the fatal keys;
With Satan's leave, I'd try one magic spell,
And send them by his Majesty to hell.
Auspicious stars, that o'er the main preside,
That lead the tempests and the sailors guide,
Round other harbours show what dangers lurk,
And point each vessel to the port of York.
And, Oh, return the late triumphant days,
When Springfield trembled at the march of Shays.
Ill-fated chief! alone, in northern woods,
He roams, where Laurence rolls his icy floods.

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