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Jensen, Merrill (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut

IV. The election of convention delegates, 12 November 1787,   pp. 405-455

Page 452

12 November] At a meeting of the inhabitants of the town of
Woodstock regularly warned and assembled on the 12th day of
November 1787, pursuant to a resolve of the General Assembly of
this state at their sessions at New Haven in October last for the
purpose of choosing delegates to attend the Convention to be holden
at Hartford on the first Thursday of January next.
On motion the new Constitution was read, and largely and warmly
debated until the dusk of the evening came on. Anadjournment
was proposed and was seconded; and after much debate and opposi-
tion thereto, said meeting was adjourned to Monday the 19th day
of said November.
[19 November] And meeting according to adjournment, the meeIt-
ing being uncommonly full and after some further debate on the
Constitution, the moderator called for the votes for the first dele-
gate; which were brought in, sorted, and counted. And the moderator
declared there was no choice. And then were again called for, brought
in, sorted, and counted, and the moderator declared that they had
made choice of Mr. Stephen Paine for their first delegate. And the
votes were called for, for a second delegate, brought in, sorted, and
counted, and the moderator declared they had made choice of Deacon
Timothy Perin for their second delegate. And many of the members
immediately dispersed. But soon after the choice was then made, it
was represented that the choice was not legal by reason that sundry
persons who were present at said meeting and presumed to vote for
delegates who were not legal voters. And one person then present
being called upon and examined, he confessed he did vote in said
meeting who had neither list nor estate in said Woodstock, neither
had lived in the town for four years, and who has since been presented
by the grand jury and has secured his fine to be paid, as the law re-
Commentaries on the Elections, 13-26 November
Ashbel Baldwin to Tillotson Bronson
Litchfield, 13 November (excerpt)l
The new Constitution is out; the eggshell is broke but tis impos-
sible as yet to determine how it is relished. Yesterday members for
a state Convention were appointed. It was a day "big with the fate
of Cato and of Rome." There will be powerful oppositions to it in
Connecticut. But the struggles against it in Virginia and Pennsyl-
vania are violent. The Southern papers are red hot; nothing is said

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