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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Hogan, Margaret A.; Reid, Jonathan M. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: New York (5)
23 (2009)

VII-B. Public and private commentaries on the Constitution, 25 July 1788-23 February 1789,   pp. 2426-2498

Page 2491

To deliberate and decide on the Form of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT rec-
ommended by the GENERAL CONVENTION at Philadelphia, on the 17th
September, 1787.
rt Price three Shillings to the Subscribers of the Daily Advertiser-
to Non-Subscribers five Shillings.
Connecticut Journal, 17 December 1788
And to be sold by ISAAC BEERS,
The Debates of the Convention of the State of New-York, on the
Merits of the New Constitution.
Taken down in short Hand.
If these Debates required any recommendation beyond the impor-
tance of the subject-the masterly speeches of a Jay-a Livingston-a
Hamilton, and other important characters in that State, must make them
not only interesting, but entertaining to all descriptions of Readers.
Francis Childs: Prefatory Advertisement to the Debates
When the EDITOR formed the design of Publishing the DEBATES Of
the CONVENTION, he entertained hopes, that the different Speakers
could be prevailed upon to revise their several Speeches, as taken down
by him. But as the engagements of some of the Gentlemen prevented
them from undertaking the task, and as it might have appeared unfair
to submit them to a partial revision, he resolved, after waiting a con-
siderable time, to defer no longer the gratification of the Public curi-
osity, but, without their assistance, to enter upon the business, extensive
and arduous as it was. As he proceeded, he discovered that a much
greater portion of time and labor was necessary, than he at first appre-
hended. The approach of the Session of the Legislature also reminded
him of the duty he owed the Public, and which could not be dispensed
with. These circumstances, together with the pressure of his other em-
ployments, while they furnish an apology for the long delay with which
this publication has been attended, he hopes will be a sufficient excuse
for confining himself, towards the close of the work, to a short sketch
of the Proceedings.
Though the EDITOR has taken great pains to render the publication
as perfect and satisfactory as possible, and believes, that the substance

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