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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Hogan, Margaret A.; Reid, Jonathan M. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: New York (5)
23 (2009)

V. The New York Convention, 17 June-26 July 1788 (continued),   pp. 2169-2340

Page 2185

Mr. Hobart made a motion for the Convention to adopt the following
resolution, viz.1
Whereas since the time of electing the delegates now in Convention
assembled, the Constitution submitted to their consideration hath been
so far ratified as to have become a system of government for ten of the
United States, and the necessary measures are now pursuing for orga-
nizing and carrying the same into operation.-
And whereas at the time of the said election, the citizens of divers
parts of this State were opposed to certain articles in the said Consti-
And whereas from the important change, which hath since the meet-
ing of this Convention, taken place in the situation of public affairs, it
is desireable that an opportunity should be given to the said delegates
to know fully the sentiments at present entertained by their constituents
on a subject so interesting to them, and which may so deeply affect the
public welfare and tranquillity. Therefore,
Resolved, That this Convention do adjourn until the - day of -
-  next, then to meet at -      .2
The said resolution being read, debates arose, and after some time
spent thereon,
Ordered, That the farther consideration thereof be postponed until
Then the Convention adjourned until ten of the clock to-morrow
1. John Sloss Hobart's motion was printed in the Daily Advertiser on 21 July, and re-
printed in the New York Journal, 22 and 24 July, New York Packet, 22 July, and in fifteen
newspapers outside New York by 14 August: N.H. (1), Mass. (2), R.I. (1), Conn. (2), Pa.
(3), Md. (2), Va. (1), S.C. (2), Ga. (1). A slightly different version of the motion along
with the proceedings for the day, taken from the Convention Journal, was printed in the
Country Journal on 22 July, and reprinted in the New York Packet on 25 July. Summaries
also appeared in other newspapers. (See Mfm:N.Y) When the New York Journal reprinted
Hobart's motion a second time on 24 July, it included this lead-in heading: "THESE are
the Times to TRY MEN'S SOULS." (Paraphrased from Thomas Paine, The American Crisis I,
23 December 1776.) The vote on Hobart's motion was taken on 17 July, when it was
defeated 40 to 22 (below).
2. The manuscript draft of Hobart's motion contained the date-the first Tuesday of
September-and the place-the court house in Poughkeepsie-but both the date and
place were stricken, as were several lines. These lines, appearing after the second para-
graph, stated: "and for removing their objections several plans have been proposed and
debated in this Convention but without any prospect of Conciliation" (McKesson Papers,
NHi). See also De Witt Clinton Journal, 16July, and New YorkJournal, 21July (both below).
3. For the debates that took place in the Convention (not in the committee of the
whole) on Hobart's motion to adjourn, see Convention Debates and Proceedings, 16 and
17 July (RCS:N.Y, 2186-90, 2192-99).

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