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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

Biographical gazetteer,   pp. 727-734

Page 729

Born Bucks County; attended College of Philadelphia; studied medicine in
England, 1775-77; returned to America, 1777. Surgeon General of Pennsylvania,
1777-84; member committee of safety. Elected to Assembly, May 1780 to complete
George Bryan's term; defeated in election to Continental Congress, 1780. Opposed
ratification of Constitution, 1787-88; possibly one author of "An Old Whig"
essays. On medical staff, Pennsylvania Hospital almost continuously, 1777-93; taught
at University of Pennsylvania, 1789-93; consulting physician port of Philadelphia,
LEWIs, WILLIAM (1751-1819)
Born Chester County, Quaker parents; admitted to Philadelphia bar, 1773. Took
test oath during War for Independence; defended Quakers accused of treason.
Philadelphia assemblyman, 1787-89. Delegate state constitutional convention, sup-
ported revision of state constitution, 1789-90. Appointed U.S. attorney, District of
Pennsylvania, 1789; appointed judge federal district court, Eastern District of
Pennsylvania, 1791. Retired to private law practice, 1792. Lifelong opponent of
slavery; helped pass act abolishing slavery, 1780.
LLOYD, THOMAS (1756-1827)
Born London, England, Roman Catholic parents; came to St. Mary's County,
Maryland, 1771. Lieutenant Maryland regiment, 1775-79; captain quartermaster's
department, 1779. Superintended printing Journals of Continental Congress, 1779;
appointed clerk to treasurer of U.S., ca. 1782. Settled in Philadelphia; attained
reputation as shorthand writer and teacher. Employed by Pennsylvania Packet
to take notes of Assembly debates; published four volumes Assembly debates, 1787-
88; published partial notes of debates of Pennsylvania Convention, Feb. 1788. Com-
missioned by Philadelphia Federalists to take notes of debates in Maryland Con-
vention but debates never published. Published debates of U.S. House of Repre-
sentatives, 1789-90. Lived in England, 1791-96. Returned to America; held various
reporting jobs, taught shorthand; published work on stenography, 1819.
LOGAN, GEORGE (1753-1821)
Born Germantown, wealthy Quaker parents; apprenticed to merchant; received
medical degree, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1779. Returned to America,
1780; never practiced medicine. Rebuilt "Stenton," family estate; agricultural re-
former; helped found Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture; en-
couraged American manufactures. Philadelphia County assemblyman, 1785-89,
1795-97, 1799-1800. Private mission to France to bring about peace between U.S.
and France, 1798, resulted in passage of "Logan Act" forbidding such missions,
1799. U.S. Senator, 1801-7.
M'CALMONT, JAMES (1727-1809)
Born Cumberland County, son of immigrant from northern Ireland; major Penn-
sylvania regiment, War for Independence. Influential in establishing Franklin
County, 1784; assemblyman, 1784-88. Judge Court of Common Pleas, Franklin
County, 1789-91; associate judge Fourth (later Ninth) Pennsylvania Judicial Dis-
trict, 1791-1809.

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