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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

Biographical gazetteer,   pp. 727-734

Page 727

Biographical Gazetteer
The following sketches outline the political careers of the principal
Pennsylvania leaders. When known, their political positions are in-
dicated (1) in state politics prior to 1787; (2) on the Constitution in
1787; (3) in national politics after 1787.
Born Scotland; came to Pennsylvania, 1753; graduate College of New Jersey,
1771. Army chaplain in War for Independence. Admitted to practice before state
Supreme Court, 1780; moved to Pittsburgh, 1781; helped establish Pittsburgh
Gazette, 1786; Westmoreland County assemblyman, 1786-87. Published essays and
poems supporting Constitution in Pittsburgh Gazette, 1787-88. Justice of state
Supreme Court, 1799-1806.
BRYAN, GEORGE (1731-1791)
Born Dublin, Ireland; came to Philadelphia, 1752; entered mercantile partner-
ship. Member Anti-Proprietary party; opposed Stamp Act; delegate Stamp Act
Congress, 1765. Appointed judge of Court of, Common Pleas and Orphans' Court,
1765; appointed naval officer port of Philadelphia, 1776. Member Supreme Execu-
tive Council from Philadelphia, 1776-79; Philadelphia assemblyman, 1779-80;
leading supporter of act abolishing slavery, 1780. Justice state Supreme Court,
1780-91. Delegate Council of Censors, opposed revision of state constitution, 1784.
Supported revocation of Bank of North America charter, 1785. Opposed ratification
of Constitution, 1787-88; was believed to be author of "Centinel" essays; delegate
Harrisburg Convention, 1788.
CHAMBERS, STEPHEN (1750?-1789)
Born northern Ireland; came to Pennsylvania before 1776; lawyer in Sunbury.
Officer Pennsylvania regiment, 1776-78. Northumberland County assemblyman,
1778-79. Member Republican Society, 1779; admitted to Philadelphia bar, 1779.
Moved to Lancaster, 1780; delegate Council of Censors, supported revision of state
constitution, 1783-84. Delegate state Convention, voted to ratify, 1787. Defeated
for election to U.S. House of Representatives, 1788.
CLYMER, DANIEL (1748-1810)
Born Philadelphia; cousin George Clymer; graduate College of New Jersey, 1766;
admitted to Chester County bar, 1769; admitted to practice before state Supreme
Court, 1770. Lieutenant colonel Pennsylvania regiment, 1776; U.S. deputy commis-
sary general of prisoners, 1777. Moved to Reading, Berks County, 1778; assembly-
man, 1782-84, 1786-87.
CLYMER, GEORGE (1739-1813)
Born Philadelphia; merchant. Member Common Council, 1767-70. Member
council of safety, 1775-76; member Continental Congress, 1776-77, 1780-82; signed

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