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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

C. The petition campaign for legislative rejection of ratification, 2 January-29 March 1788,   pp. 709-[726]

Page 712

feel the sentiment of our friends here and, if consistent, the petition
shall be warmly promoted; but this by the bye. There are a large
majority in the borough that are strong Federalist.
I took the necessary and confidential steps with the peti:ion by
showing it to some warm friends, but it was adjudged best nct to at-
tempt anything at this place, as there are a large majority in the other
side of the question.
1. RC, Nicholson Papers, PHarH. The letter of 14 January (first paragraph) is
endorsed by Nicholson as received on 16 or 17 January and answered on 18 Janu-
ary. The letter of 28 January (second paragraph) is endorsed by Nichols n as re-
ceived on 31 January. Both letters were addressed: "Handed by Mr. Beckham."
Turbett was collector of excise for Lancaster County and became postmaster for
the borough of Lancaster in 1790.
2. Turbett probably refers to Nicholson's pamphlet published in mid-October
1787 (Mfm:Pa. 141).
Richard Bard to John Nicholson,
Franklin County, 1 February1
I lately received a Letter from Coll: [Abraham] Smith2 which I
would suppos was directed to me by you, I found it contained a Peti-
tion to the Assembly respecting the late proposed constitution. I
have coppyed it and has sent coppyes thereof to the several Town-
ships in the County. The Coppy that I drew off for the Township
[Mercersburg] in which I live will be sighnd by the people in general
very willingly. If I was to judge of Franklin County by the Township
in which I live I think there will be at [least] ten persons tiat will
sighn the petition for one that will refuse to do it. By a Letter that
I lately received from my Brothr at Bedford I am informed that
Peopele in general in that County are sighning the petitions that were
sent to them-I think it would be well done if some Gentlemen would
send petitions to the different Countyes with particular Instructions
to particular Persons to take the care of them.
I have frequent opertunity to hear what the people beyond the
Allegany Mountain thinks of the new Constitution. They are en-
raged at it, and even in york county where all the members in the
late Convention voted for [sd?] constitution there are great numbers
of the people much dissatisfyd I am very confident that on the West
side of the Susquehanna in this state there is at least nine out of every
ten that would at the risk of their lives & property be as willing to
oppose the new constitution as they were the British in their late de-
sighns-There is some of your neighbors in Philadelphia which if they
should have any occastion to travel toward the Westenen end of this

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