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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

B. The Carlisle Riot and its aftermath, 26 December 1787-20 March 1788,   pp. 670-708

Page 685

themselves and meet together to the great terror and disturbance of
the inhabitants of the said borough of Carlisle and then and there
in a riotous, routous, and unlawful manner did assault, beat, and
wound James Armstrong Wilson of the same county esquire and Robert
Miller the younger of the said county yeoman and divers others of
the citizens and inhabitants of the said commonwealth then and there
being to the great injury of the persons so by them assaulted and
beaten, to the great terror, annoyance, and disturbance of the citizens
and inhabitants of the said borough of Carlisle and against the peace
and dignity of the said commonwealth. These are therefore in the
name of the said commonwealth to require and command you forth-
with to apprehend the said John Jordan, William Petricken, Samuel
Gray, Joseph Young, Mathew Allison, William Barker, Thomas Brice-
land, George Logue, James Wallace, John Steel, Joseph Steel, John
Rine, Joseph Frazier, Andrew Steel, James Lamberton, Samuel Grier,
Batholomew White, Thomas Dixon, Samuel Stewart, John Rhea, and
John Wren and each and every of them and bring them before some
or one of our said justices of our said Supreme Court or any one of
the justices of the peace of the county of Cumberland to answer in
the premises, and that they may be dealt with according to law. Hereof
fail not. Given under the hands and seals of the said William Augustus
Atlee, Jacob Rush, and George Bryan, esquires at Philadelphia the
twenty-third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and eighty-eight.
1. MS (Copy), Peter Force Collection, Pennsylvania Miscellany, DLC.
The Scourge, Carlisle Gazette, 23 January1
JUDGES.-3, Chap.-21, v.-And Ehud put forth his left hand and
took the dagger from his right thigh and thrust it into his belly, verse
22, and the dirt came out-My father chastised you with whips but
I will chastise you with scorpions. First Kings. 19th Chap. 11th V.
The various and repeated defeats which that party who arrogates to
themselves the appellation of federalists has received from the friends
of liberty in Carlisle has almost tortured their souls to distraction;
many schemes of revenge has been devised which have proved un-
successful-Immediately after their last attempt to rejoice was baffled,
they betook themselves to law for revenge; as this was their native
region (some of the principal partizans being attornies) they assured
themselves of an easy victory, and solaced their ravenous souls with
an ample and speedy glut of revenge; threats, menaces and awful de-
nounciations was now issued out; nothing less than gaols, dungeons,

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