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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania

A. Responses to ratification and to The Dissent of the Minority,   pp. 646-669

Page 653

of dissent. Lastly, we rejoice to think that your names will shine
illustriously in the page of history, and will be read with honor and
grateful remembrance in the annals of fame; while the names of the
majority, and their ignorant tools will be spurned and execrated by
the succeeding generations as the pillars of slavery, tyranny, and
James M'Cormick                       James Bell
David Boyd                             Thomas Atchley
William Gelson                         William Irvin
James Irvin                            William Douglass
Andrew Irvin                           John Walker
Wm. Carothers, Sr.                     William Greason
William Addams                         David Walker
Wm. Carothers, Jr.                    Jonathan Walker
John Douglass                          John Buchanan
Arch. Hamilton                         Francis M'Guire
Joseph Junkin                          John Armstrong
John Clandinen                         Benj. Junkin
Thomas Henderson                       John Carothers, Jr.
Robert Bell                           James Fleming
John Junkin                            Thomas Carothers
1. Reprinted: Independent Gazetteer, 9 January. Outside Pennsylvania the
address was reprinted five times from Massachusetts to Maryland by 1 March. For
an answer, see "Hermenius," Carlisle Gazette, 16 January, IV:B below. The
Gazette, however, refused to publish on 9 January "Junius's Address to one of the
minority of the state Convention [because it] is fraught with too much invective
and personal reflections.
Pennsylvania Gazette, 9 January1
The rest of the Union, says a correspondent, may judge how sincere
the minority of our Convention are in their jealousies about the
federal government, when they are informed of the following facts:
1st. That these gentlemen are to a man what are called Constitu-
tionalists here, that is, friends to our state constitution, which they
call admirable in their protest. And
2dly. That this constitution gives all legislative power to a single
house of representatives.
3dly. That instead of a governor and council of three or five, we
have an Executive Council of nineteen equal members on every vote.
4thly. That the county of Chester sends only one of these councillors,
though it has 6,000 electors; and the county of Luzerne sends one also,
though it has not 1,000 electors.
5thly. That this Executive Council is our court of impeachment,
with power to inflict all the punishments usually attendant on con-

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