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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

III. The Pennsylvania Convention, 20 November-15 December 1787,   pp. [321]-325

Page 325

with Whitehill's speech as reported by the Herald, followed by the
reports of Wilson, Wayne, and Yeates.
Occasionally the notes available make it difficult, if not impossible,
to determine with precision the order in which men spoke. In such
cases the notes of debates are placed in what seems, from the con-
tents of the notes, to be the logical order.
Photographic copies of Anthony Wayne's, James Wilson's, and
Jasper Yeates's manuscript notes of debates are placed in the micro-
form supplement to this volume to enable those who wish to do so, to
ponder the problems involved in rendering such notes intelligible
(Mfm:Pa. 263, 264, 265).
The debaters often referred to parts of the Constitution and to
sources such as Blackstone's Commentaries and Montesquieu's Spirit
of Laws. These references are usually abbreviated and sometimes er-
roneous. Thus a reference to the Constitution might be noted as
"A.I,2." Such a reference would be printed as "Article I, section 2."
Quotations from the Constitution and other sources are printed as they
appear in the notes of debates. When there are substantive errors in
such quotations, editorial notes will so indicate. References to such
works as those of Blackstone and Montesquieu have been checked,
whenever available, in editions available to the delegates, and cita-
tions to volume and page numbers of such contemporary editions
have been placed in brackets immediately after the references given
by the notetakers.
Aside from the full debates printed by Dallas, there are several
newspaper stories in which versions of some speeches are given,
as well as comments on the day's proceedings. Where appropriate,
reports of speeches have been removed from the stories and placed in
the debates. Complete copies of such newspaper stories that are not
printed below, are placed in the microform supplement (Mfm:Pa. 266).

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