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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

C. Public and private commentaries on the Constitution, 10 October-10 November 1787,   pp. 180-223

Page 182

forth in defense of the form of government proposed by the Conven-
tion, I shall hold myself bound, in duty to the welfare of my country,
to expose, upon a future occasion, the weakness and futility of
CENTINEL'S arguments, together with the motives which urged him
to undertake the infamous job.3 I shall not, however, resort [to] his
torrents of personal invective, but shall take notice of the sophistry
he has made use of, so far as it is calculated to mislead the citizens
of Pennsylvania, or of the adjacent states.
1. "Centinel" I, 5 October, II:A above.
2. See also William Lewis to Thomas Lee Shippen, 11 October, Mfm:Pa. 125;
and Charles Swift to Robert E. Griffiths, 18 October, II:C below.
3. See "A Federalist," 25 October, Mfm:Pa. 161.
The Chronicles of Early Times, Freeman's Journal,
17 October1
CHAPTER XIV: And he reported to them faithfully all that had
been done, and how the enemies of the mill [Bank of North America]
had been put to flight.
10. So the mill was rebuilt, and the friends thereof shouted for joy.
11. Then said Robert the Cofferer [Robert Morris], ye do well
to rejoice, for a great work hath been wrought this day amongst us.
Perceive ye not how the mill is constructed, so that henceforth we
shall be able to grind our adversaries even to powder.
12. And when the multitude were dispersed, there remained yet
a few chosen men, amongst whom were James the Caledonian [James
Wilson], Thomas the Roman [Thomas FitzSimons], George the
Climberian [George Clymer], and Gouvero the cunning man [Gou-
verneur Morris], and others to whom they might impart all things.
13. And when they had shut to the door of the place in which they
were assembled, Robert opened his mouth and spake, saying:
14. Know ye not, that although the mill hath been rebuilt, yet
many of the rulers of the people and agents who have adhered to and
joined us in building the mill have done so because they expected
to receive of the corn when it is ground; others absented themselves
through fear or did not oppose us because of dismay. All these rulers
may the people change and appoint others to represent them, so that
of our mill there may not be left one stone upon another that shall
not be again thrown down.
15. But against all these things have I been careful to provide for
heretofore in my bed, when deep sleep falleth upon men. I foresaw
that after the mill was rebuilded these things would be, and my heart
was sore troubled within me, insomuch that my sleep fled from mine

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