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Jensen, Merrill; Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Pennsylvania
2 (1976)

B. The assembly election, 9 October 1787,   pp. 173-179

Page 176

or absenting themselves from thire Duty when the important affair of
the new Plan of government was the object you will See by the in-
closed Resolve our Disaprobation of such Conduct and the ticket
we intend to run in this place but I have my fears that it will not
genrl Carried and that [Thomas] Kennedy & [David] Mitchl will
be Chosen again which if they are will be Disgreasfull to the County
the plan is univarssally aproved off and I have not the Least Doubt
but that it will be aproved off in this State indeed I think that thire
Cant bee Devise a Better ones
Mr. Donal has done nothing nor appears to make any indistory he
wont Sell his wheat under 5/ Pr Bushals and none Can afford to
give that price I am sorry to trouble you about this matter but as
you Know my Setuation youll Excuse me
my fears are realised the County has Sent the Same Creatures too the
assembly that Disgreasd themselves and the County in the late as-
sembly our ticket failed the same Kind of animals will be Sent to
the Convention [Robert] whithill [Jonathan] hoge & [John] Harris
are named And I have not the least Doubt of thire Being Choosen
what a pack of sorry Scoundrals perhaps Alexander McKieghen
[McKeehan] or John moore will be the 4th Convention man the
former is Commisr for the County blessed times2
I am much Dilighted with the Prospect of the Eastren people Setling
on the west of the ohio I hope that Mr Sims [John Cleves Symmes]
will also Succeed they People will be an Excelent Barrieerr to those
on the East Side3
James McClean & [James] McCalmont is in the assembly for
Franklin County and I Dont Exspect one republican on this Side
Susquana only from york County
Shou'd be glad to Know the Sucssess the new plan of goverment has
had in the Estran States and in that in which Congrass now have
thire Seat if aproved by those States I am of opinion that it will be
adopted what woud you think of the Publick works for a feadrel town
it woud not be a Crime I Sepose to make Such a proposition but it
Distroy our hops of haveing it for a College as you are now a Congrass
will move in that affair I wish that it was Determined in favr of
the College [Dickinson College].
1. RC (LT), Irvine Papers, PHi. Montgomery, a burgess of Carlisle, was elected
to the Assembly in 1782 and 1783.
2. Whitehill, Hoge, and Harris were probably nominated at the Stoney Ridge
Convention (Ephraim Blaine to Benjamin Rush, 15 October, II:D below). Hoge
and Harris were also nominated at a Cumberland County meeting on 25 October
(II:D below). They were elected and voted against ratification. Whether or not

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