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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Index,   pp. 415-458 ff.

Page 430

GERRY, ANN (Mass.), 206
GERRY, ELBRIDGE (Mass.; CC:Vol. 1,
196n): opposes Constitution, 21; de-
feated for governor, 284-85
-letter from, 206-7n
ments, presents, etc.
GOD: will lead America to defeat Consti-
tution, 58; hope for blessing of for Va.
Convention, 78; role of in drafting and
ratifying of, 82, 160, 189, 195, 255,
266, 269n, 274, 378, 381; civil liberties
of America are protected by, 150, 232;
call upon for wisdom, 182, 185; has spe-
cial role for America, 184, 341, 358-59;
gives U.S. commercial advantages, 185;
hope for protection of from dangers of
the Constitution, 206; America has been
blessed by, 207, 209n, 223, 230, 341,
381; points the way for U.S., 208n; has
wanted John Adams to play a key role
in America, 213; thanked for Constitu-
tion, 223; grants U.S. a free govern-
ment, 232; creates important role for
agriculture and manufactures in U.S.,
264; hope for continued protection of
U.S., 275. See also Biblical references;
Clergy; Religion, freedom of
4, 553n), 328
federal republic supported, 3, 64-65n,
217; Constitution will create consoli-
dated government, 5, 49, 53, 64n-65n,
185, 238, 275, 333, 342; America will
show that man can govern himself, 15,
184, 233-34, 264, 272, 273, 293, 320,
359, 386; Constitution called a revolu-
tion, 15, 233, 293, 333-34, 345, 345n,
355, 387, 392; Constitution will not im-
mediately establish vigorous govern-
ment, 16-17; Americans believe they
can be free without government, 17;
good constitution obtainable only
through succession of bloody revolu-
tions or powerful rule of a person, 19-
20; Constitution not a representative
government, 47; opposition to general
government for America, 59; difficulty
of applying general rules to all parts of
a federal government, 120, 121; only
general principles of can be relied on
rather than specific constitutional pro-
tections, 126; Constitution is best form
for U.S., 139; need for permanent, ef-
ficient national government, 143, 161,
178, 185, 223, 272, 324-25n, 358, 359,
361, 386, 403n; power is not achieved
by unanimous consent but by genius and
luck, 145; party spirit almost indefati-
gable in democracy, 151; description of
stages of American society, 170; because
powers can be abused is no reason not
to grant them, 180; Constitution makes
states a nation, 214; continual effort to
establish stability and order from chaos,
233; great revolutions of antiquity were
mad, tumultuous actions, 237; revolu-
tions in government usually exchange
one tyrant for another, 238; Constitu-
tion will bring stability and replace lib-
ertinism of youthful U.S., 239; criticism
of too much dependence on those in
power, 240; effectiveness of depends on
virtue of people in elections, 245-46;
best understood at time of American
Revolution, 249-50; Americans most
aware of study of government, 252; peo-
ple are husbands and constitutions are
wives, 258-59; voice of people is not
voice of God, 329; "A Native of Bos-
ton's" ideas of best government, 329-
30; The Federalist touches on primary is-
sues concerning, 352; difficulty of
united unequal states in confederacies,
357; new Constitution creates a federal
government, 384
- attributes of: right of legislation by peo-
ple is foundation of free government,
42; force and opinion are the only two
ways to govern man, 75; power must be
given so that it will not be abused, 75;
republican government cannot exist
over large territory, 75-76; confeder-
ated republic necessary for large terri-
tory, 76; liberty yields to government,
81; a constitution described as funda-
mental law, 89, 103-4; judiciary neces-
sary in limited constitution, 89-91; all
power derived from people, 90, 180,
201, 314; republican governments can
exist over large territory, 132-33; must
trust representatives with powers for vi-
able government, 181; despite quality of
government much depends on individ-
ual exertion, 210; Constitution creates
government of laws and not men, 234;
checks and balances in compared to bal-

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