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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Index,   pp. 415-458 ff.

Page 426

39n; Constitution raises value of secu-
rities, 360, 391; close connection of with
politics, 361; will be repaid under Con-
stitution, 391. See also Requisitions
DEBTS, PRIVATE, 175; too prevalent, 21;
owed by Americans to British citizens,
66n, 191, 286-88n, 326; debtors op-
pose Constitution in S.C., 144; and dan-
ger to private property under Confed-
eration, 145; Constitution assures
proper' payment of, 161-62, 210; pay-
ment of, 175; Mass. laws restricting col-
lection of, 196; criticism of state debtor
legislation during Confederation, 226;
Antifederalists described as debtors,
260; states should retain right to pass
bankruptcy laws concerning individuals,
303. See also Bankruptcy; Creditors; In-
stallment acts; Paper money; Stay laws
DEBTS, STATE: and empty treasuries, 21;
heavy in Eastern States, 70; and juris-
diction of federal courts, 107-8; pay-
ment of, 175; in N.H., 194-95; in N.J.,
276; in Pa., 337-38, 338n-39n; Con-
gress should not interfere with, 347; in
N.Y., 360; states will be unable to pay
under new Constitution, 360, 390; in-
ability to pay, 405n
eralists accused of abandoning princi-
ples of, 5; celebrations of on Fourth of
July, 235, 271; as proof of American pa-
triotism, 237; signers of in Constitu-
tional Convention, 251, 254n; Consti-
tution will give benefits of independence
to U.S., 266-67. See also American Rev-
DELAWARE: unanimous in favor of Consti-
tution, 10; has ratified, 20, 80, 166, 270,
371; pays taxes to neighbors through im-
port duties, 29; court system of, 105,
120-21. See also Wilmington
DEMAGOGUES: Antifederalists accused of
being, 167, 376; danger of, 331; Con-
stitution will be better able to thwart
plans of, 361; "Centinel" accused of
being, 370
DEMOCRACY: Constitution described as
truly democratic, 10; exists in American
state governments, 18; and party spirit,
151; people of Eastern States described
as genuinely democratical, 183; abuse of
by states under Articles of Confedera-
tion, 197; U.S. government is weak un-
der, 273; Constitution will destroy phan-
tom of, 308-9; not best form of
government, 329; attack on democrats
in state legislatures, 334. See also Aris-
tocracy; Despotism; Government, debate
over nature of; Monarchy; Republican
form of government; Tyranny
DESPOTISM: Constitution will promote, 5,
49, 58, 75, 77-78, 275; denial that Con-
stitution will impose, 8, 138, 164-65;
limited in monarchy by judiciary, 88;
danger of in U.S., 216. See also Democ-
racy; Government, debate over nature
of; Monarchy; Republican form of gov-
ernment; Tyranny
DE WrrT, CORNELIUS (The Netherlands),
257, 258n
DE WIr, JOHN (The Netherlands), 258n
DICKINSON, JOHN* (Del.; CC:Vol. 5, 74-
75), 85. See also Fabius
121-23, 124, 125, 127n
DIVISION OF POWERS: will be conflict over
under Constitution, 19; state courts
should not try federal cases, 106-7; and
sovereign immunity of states in federal
courts, 107-8; time will work out exact
nature of under Constitution, 111;
states will restrain federal government,
142; hope to establish government in
U.S. on principles of federalism, 214;
marked with precision between states
and federal government, 235. See also
Government, debate over nature of;
Sovereignty; States, impact of Consti-
tution upon
DOBBS COUNTY, N.C.: violence in, 146n
DONALD, ALEXANDER (Va.): letter to used
in Va. and N.C. conventions, 82n, 287,
-letter to: quoted, 288n
DUANE, JAMES (N.Y.), 287, 295
CC:Vol. 4, 15n)
- letters from, 165-67n, 345-50n
DUE PROCESS OF LAw: proposed amend-
ments concerning, 42, 42-43, 201-2,
298, 315; necessary for liberty, 75. See
also Bill of rights; Civil liberties; Coun-
sel, right to; Excessive fines
- letter from: quoted, 311 n

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