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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard; Schoenleber, Charles H. (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 6: 10 May to 13 September 1788
18 (1995)

Index,   pp. 415-458 ff.

Page 420

BOSTON: celebrations in, 167n, 221, 377n;
Fourth of July oration in, 224-31n
-letter to, 261-69n
BOUNDARIES, 99, 102n
BOWDOIN, JAMES (Mass.; CC: Vol. 1, 346n),
- letter from, 324-25n
BOWMAN, JOHN (S.C.): id., 67n; 56, 57, 168
BRIBERY: Constitution will lead to, 58; in
Great Britain, 179-80. See also Corrup-
culation of Antifederalist literature is sti-
fled, 51; distribution of by Antifederal-
ists, 54, 58; John Adams, Defence of the
Constitutions, 147-48, 148n, 213, 214n,
329, 331; Simeon Baldwin, An Oration,
235-42; "Centinel" (Samuel Bryan)
(German-language broadside), 8, 1In;
"A Citizen of America" (Noah Webster),
An Examination into the Leading Princi-
ples, 234, 234-35, 235n; "A Columbian
Patriot" (Mercy Warren), 39, 63n; An
Examination of the Constitution for the
United States of America, 278; "Federal
Farmer," Letters, 15n, 39, 51, 54, 58,
63n; "Federal Farmer," Additional Let-
ters, 33, 39, 54, 58, 63n; The Federalist
(Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and
James Madison), 49, 83-87, 87-143,
322; Enos Hitchcock, An Oration, 231-
35; Francis Hopkinson, Account of the
Grand Federal Procession, 242-46; Fran-
cis Hopkinson, An Ode, 246-47; Koran,
213, 214n; Luther Martin, Genuine In-
formation, 51; George Mason's objec-
tions, 80n; Mass. Convention Debates,
377n; James Monroe, Some Observations
on the Constitution, 48, 72-74; "A Native
of Boston" (Jonathan Jackson), Thoughts
Upon the Political Situation of the United
States, 326-31; N.Y. ConventionJournal,
297; N.C. Convention amendments,
313; N.C. Convention Debates, 313;-N.C.
Convention journal, 313; Harrison Gray
Otis, An Oration, 224-31n; Thomas
Paine, Common Sense, 222; William
Pierce, An Oration, 249-54; "A Ple-
beian" (Melancton Smith?), 63n; Alex-
ander Pope, Of the Use of Riches, an Epis-
tle to the Right Honorable Allen Lord
Bathurst, 222; David Ramsay's oration,
158-65; Benjamin Rush, Account of the
Grand Federal Procession, 261-69n; Jon-
athan Mitchell Sewall, An Oration, 221-
23; S.C. ratification, 208n-9n; Va. Con-
vention's proposed amendments, 200-
206. See also Political and legal writers
and writings; Pseudonyms
BROWN, JOHN (Va.; CC:Vol. 3, 485n): sup-
ports Constitution, 30; and Ky. state-
hood in Congress, 31, 151, 153n
BROWN, MOSEs (Mass.): id., 171n
-letter to, 169-71
BROWN, WILLIAM (Va.): id., 273n
-letter from, 273
"BRUTUS," 111n, 220n
BRYAN, GEORGE (Pa.; CC:Vol. 1, 326n), 21
BRYSON, JAMES (Pa.; CC:Vol. 4, 557n), 176,
- letter from: quoted, 176
BURKE, AEDANUS (S.C.): id., 66n; 50-51
-letters from, 55-57; quoted, 35, 173n
-letter from: quoted, 405n
- letter from: quoted, 366
CANADA, 12, 386; discriminatory trade pol-
icy of toward U.S., 145, 146n
CANNON, JOHN (Pa.), 278
CAPITAL, U.S., 40-41; Federalists will con-
trol (satire), 6; too large, 53, 376; com-
petition among states for, 151; Confed-
eration Congress debates location of
under Constitution, 151, 170, 191,
193n, 256-57, 321-22, 322-24n, 332-
33, 336, 337, 343, 350, 360-61, 365,
366; opposition to Philadelphia as, 170,
344-45; Philadelphia as possible, 191,
193n, 256, 256-57, 310; opposition to
New York City as, 191, 193n, 343-44,
405-6, 406n; restrictions on Congress'
jurisdiction over, 204, 302-3, 318; sup-
port for on Delaware River, 213; New
York City as under Constitution, 256-
57, 309-10, 406n; location of as factor
in N.Y.'s consideration of Constitution,
287; R.I. delegates leave Congress with-
out voting on, 350; will be determined
finally by Congress under Constitution,
351; defense of size of, 368; Pa. should
get, 399-400

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