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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Leffler, Richard (ed.) / Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private. Volume 4: 1 February to 31 March 1788
16 (1986)

Index,   pp. 540-596

Page 594

of News Papers containing antifederal Pieces while he promoted that of those
which containedfederal.-to do this he must of Course examine all the Papers
that were published, which would fully occupy all his Time, & put it out
of his Power to do any part of his proper Business:-a moment's Reflection
must have shewn them that the Charge was false:-& had they attended to
this Circumstance, that General Washington, Dr. Franklin, & others of
our most respectable Characters, to whom the Union is under the greatest
Obligations, were abused by the same Writers, at the same Time, & for
the same Cause (i.e. being Federalists) they could have had no doubt about
the Reason why the Charge was made.-To blackguard me in such Com-
pany was really doing me honor, though it was done unintentionally. I
suspect Mr. Russel has been misinformed about the Mail Carriers be-
tween this City & Hartford:-from the Character of the Contractor, as well
as some personal Knowledge of him, I do not believe he would be con-
cerned in, or permit, such Conduct as is alledged; however, though this is
a matter with which I have no Business, properly speaking, yet as Mr
Russel has behaved so much like a Gentleman with Respect to me, I will
enquire of the Contractor about it when I can see him. But I believe the
most of the News Papers are sent by Stage, as Greenleaf (one of our Print-
ers) informed the Public some time ago that his were sent in that way.3
Russel is wrong if he supposes the Stages, generally will do to carry the
.Mail:-in Point of Case they might do to the Eastward of this City, & had
the Proprietors asked a reasonable Price they would have got it; but they
demanded 30146%9 Dolls. & I have it done now for 1790 by men who are
at every Expence on Accot. of the Mail, whereas the Proprietors of the
Stages would be at no extra Expence on that Account. For this Reason the
Eastern Stages lost the Mail. Between this City & Phila. Stages cannot carry
the Mail so expeditiously as Riders, for these travel Night & Day:-besides,
the Drivers were so careless, & inattentive to the Mail that I had a vast
many Complaints from Passengers among whom were some members of
Congs.-indeed even the Passengers & Baggage were so much neglected,
that the Proprietors lost Custom by it, & have since acknowledged it in the
News Papers, & promised Amendment. But enough of this-I give you the
Information merely that you may be able to talk upon these Subjects,
should you hear them mentioned in Conversation. -I must add, that it was
while the Stages carried the Mail that the "Centinel" complained in the
Phila. Papers that "the Conspirators" prevented the circulation of anti-
fedl. Papers by means of the Post Office.. ..
Well, as I told you, the Phila. Printers Petition is circulating:-it was
published here today:5-Russel's Publication will be a good Reply to it, &
I suppose some of our Printers will have Grace enough to give it a Place.
His so plumply denying the Assertion that "the Reasons &c." did not
reach Boston til your Convention had determined upon the Constitution,
will mortify the Antifeds. in Phila. not a little; & I think the Feds. will
crow upon it. . .

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