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Kaminski, John P.; Saladino, Gaspare J.; Moore, Timothy D. (Historian); Lannér-Cusin, Johanna E.; Schoenleber, Charles H.; Reid, Jonathan M.; Flamingo, Margaret R.; Fields, David P. (ed.) / Ratification of the Constitution by the states: Maryland (1)
11 (2015)

Note on sources,   pp. lvii-lxxii

Page lxxi

Republic, 16 (1996), 73-106; Bernard C. Steiner, "Maryland's Adoption
of the Federal Constitution," American Historical Review, 5 (1899), 22-
44, 207-24; Gregory A. Stiverson, "Maryland Antifederalists and the
Perfection of the U.S. Constitution," MHM, 83 (1988), 18-35; and Stiv-
erson, "Necessity, the Mother of Union: Maryland and the Constitu-
tion, 1785-1789," in Patrick T. Conley andJohn P. Kaminski, eds., The
Constitution and the States: The Role of the Original Thirteen States in the
Framing and Adoption of the Federal Constitution (Madison, Wis., 1988),
The town and county histories for Maryland, which often include
important biographical data, are voluminous as revealed by the biblio-
graphical essay in Robert Brugger et al., Maryland: A Middle Temperament,
1634-1980 (Baltimore, 1988), especially pp. 713-15, 716-17. Other
good sources for identifying lesser well-known individuals are such doc-
umentary histories as the letters and papers of Thomas Jefferson, James
Madison, George Washington, the delegates of the Continental and
Confederation congresses, and the members of the First Federal Con-
gress. The most valuable biographical source has been Edward C. Pa-
penfuse et al., eds., A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature,
1635-1789 (2 vols., Baltimore, 1979-1985). Volume 1 begins with the
session lists for all of the legislatures between 1635 and 1789. These
are followed by the biographies of legislators listed in alphabetical order.
Some full length biographies are helpful. However, except for the
Carroll family, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton, in particular, only a
few of Maryland's revolutionary politicians have had book length bi-
ographies done on them. These biographies are listed below.
* Carroll Family: Ronald Hoffman in collaboration with Sally D. Ma-
son, Princes of Ireland, Planters of Maryland: A Carroll Saga, 1500-1782
(Chapel Hill, N.C., 2000).
* Charles Carroll of Carrollton: Thomas O'Brien Hanley, Charles Car-
roll of Carrollton: The Making of a Revolutionary Gentleman (Washington,
D.C., 1970), and Revolutionary Statesman: Charles Carroll and the War (Chi-
cago, 1983); and Kate Mason Rowland, The Life of Charles Carroll of Car-
rollton, 1737-1832, with Correspondence and Public Papers (2 vols., New
York, 1898).
* Daniel Carroll: Mary Virginia Geiger, Daniel Carroll, A Framer of the
Constitution (Washington, D.C., 1943).
* Samuel Chase: James Haw, Francis F. Beirne, Rosamond R. Beirne,
and R. Samuel Jett, Stormy Patriot: The Life of Samuel Chase (Baltimore,
* William Goddard: Ward L. Miner, William Goddard, Newspaperman
(Durham, N.C., 1962).

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